Here I grow again II


@raustin @MattyBear does the leaves look a little lite in color? Like, they could use some more nitrogen. I’ve been following the recommend schedule

that picture us under the cmh next is under 2nd generation roleadro had tto add the led for extra coverage


My Mona looks that color under the QB light.


Snap some photos when the lights go out. You’ll be able to get a better determination on her true color. They look ok to me, but we know how much those lights can change the look of the actual color


@raustin @MattyBear do the flowers look a little small. First budlets popped up around 18 days ago. I did notice some significant growth from yesterday


How far away are your lights and what kind of lights are you running again?


Got a vivosun 315w cmh and one roleadro 2nd generation for the edge that the 315 don’t cover so well. The cmh is between 15-17" from top. Same as led. Temperature is a little higher than I like, about 85. Ph is good. Following the general hydroponic flora trio drain to waste schedule. Add mammoth p sometimes, superthrive sometimes


For 18 days of flowers, I’d say they look on track.


Little update. Been slackin. Just plain ph water today. Watered with 6.3 cause ph was a little low past couple watering. Took 4 gallons to get it to 6.1. I’ll get the rest next watering


My 2 outside girls


Here’s the other. Sorry same pics


Ok people, last night I ran 3 gallons of plain ph water then 2 gallons of 4ml micro, 1ml grow, 7 4ml split between bloom and ginormous. No mammoth p this time, I’m running low and that shit is expensive. I’ll post pics later tonight after work. Looks as if it’s gonna be another 12+ hours on this hot ass roof in 90+ degree weather :weary:


Just plain ph water last night. Not positive but I believe I’m about 23-28 days since first flowers popped up


Today was feed day. Following the general hydroponic flora trio drain to waste schedule but also added 3.5ml ginormous and 1.75ml mammoth p

plant is way too big for tent. Ole lady says I can get a new one in a few weeks. Got my eye on a 3x3x6. Once I have that, ima try my hand at scroggin



This is my worst canopy yet, so uneven





@raustin @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @Hogmaster I have a few leaves in different areas changing color about 3 weeks into flower. Any clues. Ph is on point, temperature low to mid 80s with lights on, off I’m not sure

looks like it is turning purple


You’re supposed to start seeing some deficiencies based on any nutrient change from veg to bloom. Less N while the plant is focused on flower growth means you’ll start to see some of that.