Here I grow again II


@AnneBonny i just cut down two fresh plants last night. Do i need to let them dry before washing in 99% iso alcohol?


This is the link i always see


Congrats on the harvest. If your talking about washing your harvest then you wash in a peroxide mixture like in the video posted not alcohol and yes before you dry. If your talking about making CCO or a tincture I always let it dry before processing.


Just last week I watched the above video and did the bud wash in H2O2 as instructed. I dried them quicker than normal, over 2 days. They are now curing in jars. I expect the buds to be a little harsh with the quick dry but time will tell. Sorry I can’t offer any advice and it’s to soon to tell ya how well it works. My buds curing in jars smell fine and look fine. Good luck :v:


Yes ma’am, you misunderstood. I was washing in 99% iso to make shatter. My ? Was can I do it to a fresh cut plant or do I need to let it dry first. Thanks


Yes I misunderstood, sorry. I was referring to the bud rot plant✌️.


I think @Countryboyjvd1971 does some green. But I think he is pressing it.


Yup sorry I misunderstood as well. I saw 99% and figured typo. :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @raustin @Momtomask this baby white widow is about 4 days above ground. Dropped this one on its head and coco fell out everywhere. One on left same age. In coco, plain ph 5.9 water with just a tad calmag in it. 55w 6000k cfls. Any ideas what problem is?

One oon right is problem child


I think she’s overwatered, let her dry out.


Cover the roots with tape or something. Roots don’t like to be exposed to light :v:


@AnneBonny @MattyBear @raustin I make shatter, dabs rso, what ever you want to call it. When I strain my 99% iso alcohol through unbleached coffee filter, it looks completely clear. But once cooked down, this appears?

Looks like something got through. But I use coffee filters and strainers


That is strange as they look like fairly big chunks in that picture so I’m surprised they would get through. I double up on the coffee filters when I do my initial pour and then do one final strain through a square press filter that came with my bubble bags. I drain my wash into small glass carafes and do this final strain as I pour it into the fondue pan. The square has a 25 on it, so I assume that’s 25 micron(?) There is a picture of it in the link below. That’s the only difference in how I strain my wash and carrier liquid.


It is strange when I first started the liquid was clear that stuff didn’t show up until it was almost cooked all the way down I’ll just have to try to strains next time


45.5 grams off the two outside plants. Plus the fluff and sugar leaves that I used to make shatter. I’m guessing few ounces


@KingVars here you go buddy


@AnneBonny i need a quick reply if at all possible. Just found out mom-in-law has stage 4 cancer and is gonna go any time now. Shes never smoked in her life. Can she rub a little rso on skin and it still get into her and work?


RSO can be ingested/swallowed directly. Start with a dose about the size of a short grain of rice. Try to find the 1:1 (roughly 40%ish each of THC and CBD) for the best all-around results. It can be mixed in with food or a drink if she has trouble swallowing it. If you’re making your own, the more strains/effects mixed, the better. I’m so sorry about your MIL @HornHead Do your best to keep her comfortable. If she has sores on her skin, it can be applied directly to those, too! Instant relief. It’s very sticky, so be prepared for that, but can be removed easily with rubbing alcohol. I know you’ve been around the block a few times, so some of this is probably redundant, just trying to help. All the best, bud! :v:


Thanks @elheffe702 i greatly appreciate it


@MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @raustin this is around day 57 if flower on my wwa, i know the purple leaves was from a calmag deficiency, so i started adding calmag every other feeding. Is it natural this late in flower. Also, bout how long you think i have left. Trichomes are mostly all cloudy, very few clear