Here I grow again II

3x white widow auto
2.5gal pots
Mixed roleadro lights
Gonna run one full strength general hydroponic flora trio one half and one 3/4
Two were topped, one, I don’t know, you’d have to see pics it’s deformed
One I’m gonna keep with grow nutes at first sign of flower, the other 2 switch to bloom nutes at first sign of flower
Not positive, but I believe they are about 3 weeks from breaking ground. Check out the trunk on this one, it’s almost like it split


Right on @HornHead
I got 5 white widow autos outside now
They are lil stinky plants and good growers outside
Looking forward to your grow!

Yeah the trunk is wild lookin like it was super cropped(pinched and snapped) was it intentional or just grow like that?

Normally, I’ll squeeze the base right at coco when a few days old, must have squeezed a little too much on that one


Right on
Looking good so far

Lmao superman squeeze :sweat_smile: looking good!


Last night was 1st full feed. Plants seemed to respond very well, although, the runt in the middle looks like it may have a bit of nute burn


I’d be a little concerned if your already seeing Nute burn and this is your first feed. By the looks of it they look to still be too young for full fledged feeding. Just my opinion, happy growing :smiley:

Growing in coco, gotta get their food from somewhere

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You’re right. It wasn’t nute burn on the runt, just a single leaf with some discoloration, probably splashed nute water on it. Yeah, plants only 20 days old, a little while back I gave them about half strength, the other day full, so nute burn could’ve been possible. I grow in coco so I gotta start feeding sooner than you soil guys. Plants look great really. Took very well o the topping. Just did some lst tonight

and runty Uploading… runty didn’t grow normal from go so it didn’t get topped


With 3 plants my tent would’ve been to cramped so I moved the runt outside today. My try scrogging the 2 that’s left. Have roleadro 400w cob above one a d the 2nd generation 300w above the other. 2nd generation is rated at 3100k, but I know that cob has more blue. We’ll see at nodes spacing. Another note when starting these out I left the light a smidge higher than more. Heard some good and bad this about a , I wouldn’t say stretchy but just room between buds. I believe I accomplished that early, now I won’t have to trim so much under growth that doesn’t

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Picked up some superthrive yesterday. Any of y’all know how and when to use this stuff


I’ve heard to feed with it when you transplant.

I think
Have used it
Supposed to be good stuff

Sorry, I’ve never used it, but a lot of people do and love it.

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I am out of likes @HornHead yes I use it all the time when I transplant it’s vitamins that help prevent transplant shock. Good stuff for real!


Funny: I just started using it this week haha!

I’ve been dosing at normal feedings per the package. I think it’s 1/4 tsp per gallon.

Ok, I just transplanted one from inside in coco to out in a cornfield, should I mix a gallon up and water with it?

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Yes and for the next few days until you see her back to perky or new growth. You won’t hurt anything with the Thrive. @HornHead

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I kinda gotta problem. I started the girl off in coco perlite, just transplanted into the cornfield. Great soil around here. Any, I know in coco you want ph 5.8ish, soil 6.7ish. I just tested my rain water yesterday. It was 7.59. I grew a wwa outside cornfield last year just fine. But I was only able to water and feed about once every other week. I’m wondering if the high rain water ph, coco and now soil be a problem. Not much coco went into the new hole