Here I go with more newbie questions! Lmao

Okay so big thanks to the few people on here that have been giving me advice on my first grow if I hadn’t spoken with all of you guys I would have left my plants in solo cups and watched them die not knowing anything about root bound situations well I successfully transplanted them into 1 gallon coffee cans and right as I think everything is good to go and I’m on the right track I notice these little TINY bug looking fellas crawling around in the soil I used to transplant… GREAT can anybody tell me what these are and if they are a danger to my plants and how I can get rid of them? :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Pictures? Maybe gnats maybe spidermites

Pictures would help us understand what you are asking about.

I don’t think my camera can capture them in a picture when I say tiny I mean TINY I noticed like 4 or 5 of them crawling around in the soil idk I put these little yellow rings around my plants that supposedly keep pests out

Gnats yeah they larvae is in the soil and you might be over watering, are watering to soon and not letting your soil dry out enough. But it’s several ways to control them, slice potatoes, sand, skin milk, and other solutions. @garrigan62

ya potatoes peels attract the larvae and gnats after a few days through away replace with new potatoes peels.


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It could also be mites or could be root aphids… it could be so many things… I would suggest that you look through some threads because somewhere on here or even on Roberts blog is a page that has all kinds of different bugs that would concern you and then you would be able to match it up with what you see and then we could give you some kind of advice on how to fight them… good luck brother…

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Thanks brotha I’ll check it out!

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) works well also. You can also get some 3x5 inch yellow sticky pads from Amazon that you hang near the plants to get the flying ones and the D.E will take care of the rest.

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