Here I go again


nice root ball!


That’s incredible! :+1:


Wow, nice haul!


Wow, very impressive. I aspire to grow great looking bud, ) like that Awesome!! I love this forum, the pics and more importantly the knowledge from everyone.



For the life of me, I can’t find the cmh you and countryboy recommend on here. Was gonna get the 315w version, any recommendations. Would like to go with the Philips bulb, but not a deal breaker


Wow, I have a we af, that’s going on 12 weeks hasn’t started budding yet. But is getting very full. Vermisoil 7gal fabric pots, all organic my tea. Can’t wait to see her bud. Seeing yours went that long is very encouraging. Af are such a different grow. But looking forward to harvest!! Awesome grow,man!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge



Looks good buddy. I got another journal going on 2 white widow autos. It’s titled here I grow again II


I just had the same issue with an “autoflower” seed I acquired… at about 4 weeks there was one or two pistols shooting out from the main stock but that’s all and nothing further for a couple more weeks in which I learned to do what you said and switch to 12 and 12 is that common with Autoflower seeds? If you order an Autoflower seed grow it and you end up with another seed from that plant will it also be considered Autoflower and have that ruderalis trait?




Pics are at 690 and 670 @Countryboyjvd1971


Those are some nice pictures bro
I bow :bowing_man: in respect
Did you enter anything in the bom with those ?
I would
Nice job the wwa do take longer to finish i have noticed compared to other autos ive grown


No, I missed the cut off date last time. Was gonna enter next. When does the next bom contest begin?


Next month on or about the 1 wewk july
@Hogmaster normally starts them for us
June voting started last week so in another week or so he normally announced it also on the bom chat thread


@Bambam64 here you go buddy




That slipper has no chance in front of those fatttiesss ! :heart_eyes:


@PoorGrowing and again, here you go buddy


@KingVars hope this helps


Explain the tying down method, I’m almost exactly at the same point as you are my plants have been growing for about 2 months in veg and I just switched them to flowering light cycle. Plant size no where near the pictures presented.