Here I go again


@dbrn32 here you go, I think I did that correctly


I thought we were looking at cobs lol.

That one says it has spectrum cxa3070, which it appears to be similar. It’s like 3000k or 3500k 80 cri spectrum. But that’s definitely not using cxa3070’s, they’re cobs and the light uses mono’s. If I had to guess they are epistar leds.


This was a wwa. Topped, LST.
I called her madussa, but you my friend really have grown a true monster!


Your plant looks great! Good to see the autos can do that sort of growing as I’ve got some in seedling stage. Love the detailed description of jounal at the beginning. Gonna follow your journal best of luck :slight_smile:


If that’s really the spectrum I don’t think you need to add any red. You have plenty. In fact, you could add some blue for faster vegetative growth.


I took a lux meter and put it in the middle of the canopy and with the filter on I was losing about 33% of my light. I know I said I wasn’t pressed about the loss, but that’s too much. My lights are full spectrum anyway, so I was probably good to go from the beginning


I agree. If you want to add some 660’s to supplement eventually, you can do so a number of ways.


@dbrn32 I’ve looked on Amazon for some 660 and 640 lenses like the ones I have already. Something I can pop off and on no problem when the time comes, but have not seen any yet


I believe you’re looking in the wrong direction. You’ll have better luck adding 660nm leds. Depending on how mild or wild you want to go, can be done for a reasonable amount of money.

Rapidled sells a supplement kit, you can see them in action if you drop in on @Onlythebest79 thread. @1BigFella found some inexpensive Chinese cobs too, I think they measured a bit short of 660nm. But still probably going to be more effective than trying to change the color if provided light. You could probably even change the cobs in that fixture over to a 90cri.

I’m not suggesting you need to do any of that stuff. The spectrum provided by the current cobs isn’t bad. Just a couple ways of getting more reds in there if you want.


I’ve been looking at those velro29s, I think that’s the name. You’ve talked about them. Don’t have the money right now. See what I have after taxes after catching up I might build some. Seems like the way to go the way everyone talks. Right now I’m satisfied with what I have for what I do though. I think after I “master” the grow, then I’ll really be interested


The bridgelux vero 29’s are very good. They’re certainly not the only one you can build with, but very versatile. If and when the time comes, I’d be more than happy to go through all of the options with you.


@dbrn32. I cruise the forum and try to find the answer myself before asking and I seen were you said you get tired of repeating the same thing over again and you know, I don’t blame ya. So a thought came about the whole diy light subject. Not sure if you are allowed to do it or not but if you can you could make a topic about it and just give an explanation about need to know things then when people ask we could direct them there. What you think?


Also thought I’d share this with everyone. I must be getting old cause apparently I’m not “hip” and “in the know”. But I just learned about a waterfall bong. All I have to say about that is WOW. If you don’t know, YouTube it


Losing about 1/3 of your light through the red filter tells you that the non-red portion of your light is 1/3 of it. That’s pretty darned red! I don’t think you need to add any.

But if you need to add more light in general, Vero 29s are very nice. You can get them in several different color temps and three different voltage configurations. And if you run them at about 1/4 to 1/3 maximum current some of them are around 200 lumens/watt, which is terrific. RapidLED has some nice kits.


Today’s update: nothing new to report. Pot still a little heavy so no water tonight. I did lower my lights to 18" from the tallest flower. It’s not a perfect table top, but close, so really it’s 18" to 20" above. I’m going to go ahead and give tomorrow’s update cause I’m only gonna feed. 2ml micro 1ml grow 4ml bloom 2.5ml calmag 1ml Humboldt ginormous. Today is also the 24th day of flower. By this time in my last few grows the aphids were reeking havoc on everything. This time everything is still right as rain


Has anyone grown the white widow auto or photo. Just wondering if the red leaf stems are normal. I know people say pH problem or lack of P. But my pH is good and I feed. Everything else looks good. A tad bit of burnt tips like nute over load but that was from weeks ago. And the red stems are sparse

. And the tips As you can see, it wasn’t bad


What do y’all think? I only have one 8" 3 speed fan besides my 4" 210cfm exhaust fan. Should the 8" be blowing over the canopy or underneath?


Do you give them cal-mag? Or something similar?


Yep, sure do.


Then I do not know what is the reason for red stem… I also had this problem but whit a little Epsom Salt problem was solved…
Monitor that and see if is progressing