Here I go again


@TDubWilly, that plant has quite a trunk on it, is it a tree or a bush?:cowboy_hat_face:
Impressive, nicely done. Out of likes…


Holy Toledo, she is huge! Great job!:cowboy_hat_face: Out of likes.


I’m not sure I understand, an auto shouldn’t reveg on any light. Certain light schedules might speed them up or slow them down but even a 24/0 shouldn’t make an auto reveg


@TDubWilly I thought about trying to scrog but I think I get the same results just by tying it down


@TDubWilly. Autos are supposed to start to flower after about 3-4 weeks. At two months old it still hadn’t flowered until I switched my lights to 12/12


Well you have grown a large auto there. Ive always been curious how much training they can actually take. I got a buddy that scrogged an auto but it was not a traditional scrog, he just spread the colas wide


From my understanding, autos will do “what they want to do”. Therefore putting it in 12/12 probably sped up the plants flowering, but it should have flowered anyways after some time even on an 18/6.

Are you completely sure you have an auto there? Many autos never get the size yours has. Have you ever heard of a super auto???
Look under super autos and read it and tell me what you think @HornHead. Your plant looks not like a super AF to me


@TDubWilly. Yessir. Positive they are auto seeds. I ordered the buy ten get ten along with the buy ten get ten California dream back in March of 17. So far I’ve grown 5 of the wwa, 4 inside and one outside. The only one that autod wad the one outside. But I can’t be positive about that because I planted late in the year so it could have just started to flower because of lack of light. Not sure. But really, I’m glad they have not autod. When I first got them I wanted something that would grow quickly, now all I want is massive plants and you can’t really get that with regular autos


I know a guy that ordered an auto and got a super auto in his order. @crazyots is his name.

Did you see that super autos take longer to begin flower and grow much larger than normal autos.


You and me both buddy :joy:


If I were you , I would keep everything as is… she looks like she’s in her sweet spot… :wink:
You must understand that as long as there is 12 hours of light she will be able to do her thing… so if she’s happy and flowering at 16 / 8 , I would leave her right there until 3 weeks from harvest then I would drop down to 12/12 … really ripen her up… :wink:

Lookin good my friend… :wink:

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Watching, best of luck from here on out!


@peachfuzz. The lights have been on 12/12 since 1/13. What I’m wondering is if there are enough of the auto genes in it to bring my lights back up also @TDubWilly. If it is a super, I have no idea. I got my seeds from ilgm


I should add that when I pH the water I try to get between 5.5 and 6. I only have the GH pH and not a digital pH meter so I gotta judge by looking at the color of the test water and the pH chart that came with it


Excuse me…I don’t mean to be rude, but you have a tree in your kitchen.


Just stay where your at with the light schedule… they only need 12 hours of light to do there best… a longer light period isn’t going to grow bigger buds or give you a better yeild… if you change the light schedule now , all’s you will do is confus your girl… just let her do her thing… she’s too far into flower to be messing with her… :wink:
I don’t even touch my girls after 3 weeks from light flip… if I didn’t do it by then , then it don’t get done… :wink:
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Alright folks. Nothing new, just thought I’d share a few pics of the whole setup. Would have done it earlier but the ole lady works 3rd and I spend time with her til she heads off.

. And here’s one of the enhanced roleadro and the exhaust system I fed last night so for the next couple days it’ll be just plain old pH water. And one of the canopy. Finally, one of the trunk. The lighter is there for scale


Out of likes, but garden looks great!


Beautiful :heart_eyes:… Nice job :+1:


@dbrn32. You’re the light guy so I’ll ask you. I have a total of 450w in a 20"x36" tent. My two 300 watters are enough for my size tent, the cob is just extra light. My ? Is: red light is better for flower and losing some light from the cob is no problem so I took a zip lock bag, cut it in half and colored it in with a red sharpy so the light that filters through is more red. Here’s a pic

And here is one with just the cob on so you can see the light it produces with my Jerry rigged red filter My question is, do you think it’s putting off the right spectrum for better flower? Again, I’m not too pressed about the light loss going through the plastic since my other lights are plenty. Thanks