Here I go again. Trying Living soil. HELP!

Hi family of fun and frolic…
I just got some SoHum living soil. Earth dust. 2 more AC infinity 6" fans instead of 4". And a small tent for seedlings. The other tents are 4 x 4. 2 SpiderFarmer 4000. 2 Mars hydro. Can i put 1 of each in a tent? I am going over all the threads on here to add more to my faulty brain. Any help with starting this greatly appreciated.


That setup on the site quite a bit here, but are they planned or was it by upgrading to another and so on… either way not knowing much about products out there, or spec, I’d do one of each unless somebody gave me a reason not to. Maybe one has a different variety of color spectrum and compliments each other.

SpiderFarmer 4000 is advertised at 450Watts

2 Mars hydro. What?
What controller for the AC-I fans?
(2-T6, sweet, I love mine) .
How many 4x4s?
I needed a 1000watts meter measured measured to get good flowers


Mars 2000 300w.
Controller for fans:

2 4x4 tents
1 2x4 tent
Mylar covered 2x5 closet [used to store stuff]


Oooh I want to watch and learn!


Everything mixed together and 2 of the 4 made it. My fault. Too wet. Just ordered a couple sprinkling cans so I can gage water a bit better. Oh well. We grow, we learn.
My Durban Poison is doing well. 1 day in true flower. In another tent is a veg Banana Kush.

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