Here I go again on my own


Round 2 begins. 3 Amnesia Haze + 3 Trainwreck Week 1. RWDC



Nice setup :slight_smile:

She looks a bit light. Whats your lighting look like?


Yes it seems to have started a little light. I tried out a new LED light to start the plants. They have since greened up.


Unfortunately all 5 of my Gold leafs did not make it












@Astrocreep where’d you get those pots . Been looking to do hydro but I want to do it right


This is a “super closet” system. You can get the buckets and and hardware for way cheaper. I bought this used so it was not full price. I will send you the name of a good place to start tomorrow. I have a catalog you need to check out. I don’t recommend purchasing square buckets like mine the round ones are easier to spin in place. I will get back to you. Tell me what you are planning so far. Do you have a tent or a room? What size? What’s your budget? Let me know I will help you not make the mistakes I did starting off.



I’m started to do a simple dwc but it does cause of pythium ( I learned from that ) but I have a tent and all that good stuff as well as lights . Budget wise nothing to extraordinary I have accesses to unlimited 5 gallon buckets. I’m thinking I could do diy version .

6 buckets rdwc is what I’m planning in a 4x4x7 tent with a 600 hps/mh light and a 300w led light .


Hydrofarm and Sunlight Supply Inc are great product catalogs to check out for parts and equipment. They are also great learning tools. In a 4 x 4 tent you will probably only want to use 4 buckets. Any more and you may not habe enough room to get in and get in and around. Keep the reservoir outside of the tent if possible to help with cooling (if you use one). You will need one good air pump or 4 average pumps. I use a water chiller because my house temp fluctuate. The water temp kept getting dangerously high. Try to keep your air pumps out of the tent too unless you are using an air conditioner. You end up pumping hot air into the water. High water temps can ruin your batch. Keep them between 68 - 72. I keep mine a little below at 65 just in case of swings. There are some really ph stable nutrients that might help you not have to ph constantly. I just started using the cutting edge line and I am shocked at how the ph stays constant with my 6 buckets and 40gallon res. I have only been using these a few weeks though.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have and definitely upload some pics as you get going even just your setup.
You can check out mine in some of my previous posts.

Good luck. Talk to you soon.


Tonight’s pics