Here i come to the indoors

hi everyone
it seems like we will all be indoors now that winter is coming. so im giving you something to drule on for awhile…these are pics of some that will be done in a few weeks or so. and for all of you who have seen my post on outdoor YES im indoors full time also. yup haven fun in my retired life. enjoy


@bud123 You stinker.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:…I was doing quite well this morning…then you posted these photos…now I have to dry off my keyboard from all the drool that collected while looking at your beautiful ladies.

Oh well, goes with the territory till my grow is ripe. Mine is is the second week of flower. And looking good, I guess. Here is one of my ladies. Good luck on your grow…and smoke one for me. :crazy_face:



It’s cooling off up here in Santa Barbara county. How about you?

@Myfriendis410 Cool…I used to live there in Santa Barbara. Actually, over by the college in college town, forget the name now. Managed an apartment there for a year or two. Got a cousin still lives out there. He is likely a grower as well. He was a head years back. Big on fishing as well. When I lived out there we used to have a blast out on the beaches and fishing.

Do they still have the nudist beach there at Cemetery beach? I discovered it by accident.

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Looking really good!! :green_heart:

top of the day to ya @cyberblast. thank you for the complment. yours is looking pretty yummy also. its always great to pull out some stuff that you grew your self and get ripped. some of my buddies buy there stuff at the dispensery and its not that good. I think mine is much better. I have 16 strains at this time. and they all kick butt.

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hi @Myfriendis410. yes it is cooling off here also. time to stay warm last nite it was 38 degs. here and today its about 58 degs. burr im going out west the end of this month for vac. cant wait

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Nice, you indoor guys are always amazing me with yours set ups…

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I don’t know about the nude beach. I’m north of Santa Barbara, up by Vandenberg Air Force Base.

@Myfriendis410 gotcha…you lived to the north of me. The nude beach, just for your info, is down in Santa Barbara main beach area and is the last beach area south. Its up under the cliffs there. When I was there it was only nudist on weekends. The unoffical name for it was Cemetery beach because there was a old church and cemetery up top of the cliffs there.

I discovered it fishing on the beach there one Sunday morning. I was fishing on the seawall there. Not very wide wall. Only about 18 inches wide, if that wide. I had all my attention on my fishing and was facing out. I had started just before dawn. About 3 hours later I really finally turned around and paid attention to the beach. Lots of naked folks. Especially women. Good looking women. I was so shocked I misstepped and fell off the seawall. :open_mouth: Fortunaely the water was only about 3 foot deep there at the time. :crazy_face: Couple hours earlier it was over six foot.

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that’s really funny @cyberblast I would have done the same thing. lol

thanks @Ragnar its fun

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