Here goes the first grow

More good info, thanks.

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No charge my friend lol

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So went one day too many before watering. Had to go pick up a new shotgun last night after work. Took forever. Got home and didn’t even check the girls. Checked temp from outside garage. They were super limp this morning. Went and got water at 6am and got them fed before work. Hopefully they will perk right back up. The tangie and fastberry are really smelling good. Pic later if they look better.

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Here’s them just after lights out today. Much better than this morning.

7 weeks old 4 weeks flower.


Saturday’s adventure. That’s our new puppy “lil sumpin sumpin” 6mos old. She did ok for her first time out. Wanted to eat those rabbits, that’s why he had to keep a hold on her for the picture.


I forgot about the pup, glad she’s gettin it done!

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She didn’t do much until right at the end. There were low expectations. She joined In with the pack on the last run for a bit.

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Won’t be long and that’s all she’ll wanna do. If I want to go hunting or fishing without my lab I have to sneek the guns or poles out with her seeing. If I don’t I get the cold shoulder for a week!