Here goes the first grow

@MaD-VapoR I saw your post about dli and your 600r. I haven’t been able to effectively measure using the phone apps. Is that what you used?

Photone app on iPhone……with diffuser. I found that I was over lighting in a big way. LED is way different than 600w HPS. lol Next grow I will start taking dli readings at the start.

Can you convert what you’re getting into watts from the wall? I never went above 500 watts last grow.

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I have a “chart” from HLG that shows what each “click” draws from the wall. I’ll find it and post it here.

This is the response I got from HLG:

Here is a breakdown for the dimmer on your 600R:

The 1st click has too much resistance to turn the lights on

1. 0

2. 135

3. 235

4. 325

5. 415

6. 490

7. 550

8. 595

9. 600

10. 605

The 2 click is about 20%

The 3 to 4 click is 50%

The 6 is about 80%

The 8 to 10 close to 100%


I have a watt meter so I can measure from the wall. I was asking if you had a way to compare what your app shows you to the watts from the wall.

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Ooooh…lol. No, I don’t have a way to do that.

No worries.

I got the same chart from hlg, I also have a 600rspec…I don’t think is super accurate but I can and check it later against my kilowatt meter. The Photone app for my iPhone seems pretty accurate though.


Moving SLOW… I was having trouble keeping temps up for a while, couldn’t get much over 73-75. I have that straightened out now. I’ll grab a pic later

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That would be great…let me know what you find out.


It was closer than I thought and there was a a little play with the dimmer switch…

2. =140
3. =250
4. =340
5. =420 :grin:
6. =507
7. =565
8. =605
9. =605

So these were using my kilowatt meter


After a ton of bad luck germing seeds I ended up with 1 mephisto double grape, 2 ilgm gorilla glues, and 1 Dutch passion auto mazar, double grape is the biggest.
I also because of my new found mobility issues came up with this lazy Susan type situation, I can just sit in a chair in front of the tent and bring the plants to me. Works like a charm and also allows me to give the plants a turn so they get different light angles…

Processing: 806D2323-37A1-4B0A-A985-B1837F2895AA.jpeg…
Processing: 730817FA-5B37-4B1E-855D-515A9359F0A1.jpeg…

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Upload problem…


New found mobility problems? Yikes I hope everything is ok.

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Yeah, I messed my back up back in June so I’ve been going thorough the whole process. Just trying to keep surgery as the last option.

I don’t want to like that post. Sorry to hear that. I agree definitely wouldn’t want back surgery or any for that matter. Hope it heals up for you.

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Thanks, it’s could be worse. Hopefully get back to work sometime soon. Lol, there’s no way I can pay the bills with my growing skills!!!

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Pretty close for sure! Thanks for doing that.

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Just ordered new seeds for the next grow. Fast buds tangimatic, cream cookies and fastberry. Get 2 free seeds unknown autos.

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Great choice :ok_hand::+1: