Here goes the first grow

Mine too!!!

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WHAT??? She gonna rule the roost!

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Just like the rest of them lol.

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Congratulations my brother :muscle::100::sunglasses:

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She’s here. Fitting in nicely. Slept like a champ.


You missed the fluff ball stage with that girl but you also probably missed all the potty training work… great lookin dog!!

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She has had some crate training. 3mos old so.missed a month. She slept in bed w me the cat was too interesting at 430 this morning so we got up.

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Lol, my cat “mysteriously” disappeared. I may have seen him over by the barn that’s about 3 miles away.
You’ll have that pup in shape in no time!

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Monday update. Son should be dry trimming and weighing the frist arschnid pie. 7 days in the wedryer. Chopping her sister tonight or tomorrow. She is ready. Then I’ll make some new ed dirt and cook. Think about what and how many to grow for #6.

I’m almost out of the doghouse. Mrs c is still a little annoyed with Althea and I lol. She’s doing great!


Son just texted 4.5 oz off the arachnid pie. That makes just over 30 ozs with one big plant to cut and dry. Very successful grow new record fir me, will be over 2lbs out of 8 autos in a 5x5 tent.


Man those pictures make me miss my ol faithful hunting dog my yellow lab named…Gatorbait… he was a stud . Beautiful dogs my brother :heart:

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Thank you. I’m at max capacity at the house w 4 now. The mrs is ready to chop my head off lol.

:rofl: i bet . I will be getting me another yellow or chocolate lab as soon as i get up to the lake around next year-ish…
2nd day of week 6 in flower



Looking very nice big af.

The smell is awesome… thank you Sir :blush::muscle::100:

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Tired after her first brewery run/walk/bike group. Had a nice walk, doing really well on the leash. Laid down and let me enjoy a beer after.



Definitely has the retriever gene. Already fetching and returning the tennis ball.


Man the dogs and ladies r looking great


Thanks my friend!

Beautiful puppy

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