Here goes the first grow

I have begun my first grow. 6 seeds germinated over the last 3 days, and under a cfl in my tent. 100% germination. 2 each sour diesel, ak47 and super skunk autos. I have a 5x5 vivosun tent, a 6" fan, hlg 600r, jacks nutrients, in soil ( FF hf and of w extra perlite) seedlings are in promix and hf mix in solo cups. I have cal mag, tribus, silica, need oil, yellow sticks, makes, ph and ec meters. Going to be using ro water as my city water has chloramine.


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Nice start. Seems like all good stuff so far. Good luck.


I just read all of your ingredients, sure looks like you got this covered. I’ll definitely be along to watch. I’ve been tempted by that classic Autoflower mix pack but so far I have not pulled the trigger on buying it. Watching your grow might help me decide.

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I wanted to eliminate any issues with equipment as much as possible and spent the $$$ to get the things needed to be successful. Now I guess it’s just up to me!


Yep @KPC if it doesn’t turn out we’ll know who to blame 🥸 lol… good luck :deciduous_tree: :sunglasses:


Set to watch! Your set up looks great. Not sure which cfl your running but be ready to lower it if they start stretching. I would also use some domes to keep the RH up until they get some roots going.
One thing you might want to pick up is a kilowatt meter for when you decide to turn on the 600, it helps take the guesswork out of the equation.

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I have the cfl a single 6500 grow bulb right over the top of them for now. Less than 3 or 4 inches. I was wondering when to switch to the 600? Did you settle on a good distance from your plants? And wattage? @Pinboy122

RH has been in the 70s so far.

Once I started up the 600 I put it about 30 inches above and set it at 100 watts. Every couple of days I turned it up a bit as they were loving it but stretching a little. Then it was a bit of a balancing act… I started bringing the light a little closer and turning it up just a little at a time. I settled at around 28 inches and 450 watts, you gotta watch the plants and see how they react. I think I was too conservative. Next time I’ll be a little more aggressive because every time I turned it up they loved it

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Thanks just ordered a meter.

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Ur set up looks great, lighting is top notch, don’t start dropping nutes fer awhile ur medium has plenty to start. Let the ladies decide the height for ur cfl’s, watch’em cause it’s easy to streach’em out early on. Also heat n RH n a tent n the summer can get iffy, keep n eye on that also. I’m sure u’ll get plenty of help here on the forum, just ask. Good luck, u set ur self up to succeed, :+1::+1::v::alien:


Yeah I’m pretty happy yesterday it was 91 degrees when I got home the garage was at 77 and in the tent was 75 with rh in the upper 60s. Rh crept into the 70s after dark and a thunderstorm. I think I’ll be ok on temp Kay have to work on rh after a bit. I even have a window ac in the garage if needed. @AlienBrew

@Pinboy122 I’m already seeing a little stretching is it too early to set them under the big light?

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If its stretching then put the light a bit lower to them, you could drop it to as low as 18 inches from them but I usually sit around 20-24 :slight_smile:

@MrTiger I’ve got them under a cfl and it’s right on top of them. Maybe only 2 or 3 inches.

So its like 2-3 inches above the soil, the light is?

About that from the tops of the seedlings. @MrTiger