Here are these tiny white flying insects feeding on them

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks


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Al a picture would help is identify what they are
I would use sticky traps to start
Dusting your plants with food grade DE will also help
Neeem oil also works

Are they coming from soil ? If the are soil nats then you need to let soil dry out between watering
And a fan blowing on top of to soil: pots will help prevent them from flying and lating more eggs

Any post a picture if you can
Maybe hoin us so we can help guide you better
Happy Growing :v:️ CB

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I have read putting Neem Oil into the plant food as a way to discourage white flies. I have no experience with that.
I have tried spraying neem oil and it didn’t stop them. Those little vampires are horrible.

I saw small white bugs that hop off when you touch them on my tomato plants. I think they spread to my Purple Haze plants. I got Pure Neem Oil on Amazon, and followed directions exactly. One thing i didn’t do is shut off the lights. The new growth seemed like the most affected. It looks good now, but the older damage isn’t getting better. My questions are this, I saw someone on the Forum saying they had Neem oil damaged plants. I was told by a greenhouse guy that Neem oil will dissipate, and you can leave it on. So with that being said, when should you not use Neem oil? During flowering stage? How soon should you stop before harvest, or flowering? I’m including @garrigan62 since i believe he was part of the Neem damage thread.

i use neem oil with chillis and tobaco 1/8L everything ok
but the most of them (eggs) are in your soil so you need to transplant your girl in another soil or use some pesticide to kill them all
i have this problem with my young plant to
they hate humidity 70%+ and above.

Do you leave the mixture on the plants? Or wash it off? I got rid of fungus gnats by using sand and some similar stuff to keep them away.

Just spray my mixture on the plants yeah.
I personaly don’t like pesticides but you can buy predatory mites to kill them all. they eat them (eggs to) and 1 week later they done and die.

SX466They eat spider mites to :slight_smile:

Don’t ever use neem in high concentrations. Oil + sun burns plants.
It’s best if you start with warm/hot water and mix in your neem with
a couple small drops of dish soap (the kind for hand washing, not the
stuff that does in the machine). The warm water and soap help the water
mix evenly with the oil and makes it more effective. Use the lower
amount of neem they say to use but apply often. I only use 2 table
spoons per gallon and spray regularly up until about the 2nd or 3rd
week of flowering. Maybe every 3 days is good for the first couple weeks,
then once a week after the infestation is taken care of. I usually spray
right as the sun is setting so I don’t burn the leaves but it still has time
to dry before night time. Make sure you get the underside of the leaves
totally drenched because that is where more bugs hide.
Good luck with the plants.