Here are my Durban Poison sprouts,...100% success rate, temp controlled

I just wanted to share my Durban Poison regular seeds I got from Robert Bergmann from here,…ten of them in back, I have four seeds up front I bought locally, which is local to here, in Oregon called PItbull, in a seed starting dome with heating pad underneath and a single t5 seed and clone lamp above, and temperature control switch to keep it around 75 degrees, and that is important cause it is very cold right now in some parts of the home, and outside. Growth is bout four days since germanation. The statistics are Foxfarm seed starter mix, watered lightly before dropping in germanated seeds with distilled water, I use a heating pad but a person MUST use a temperature regulating device because without shutting off at a certain point like 74 or 75 degrees, it could get too hot inside…I have no vents open right except now with the side opening vent halfway open for the shut off device temperature probe wire that sticks into the top of the soil nearest the vent. I had the durban seeds in distilled water for 24 hours with an aquarium bubbler, but I moved them to a moist paper towel in a ziplock bag in a 75 degree environment for another 12 hours before planting in seedling starter mix. The four Pitbull seeds, from locally, he claimed they were “regular”, errrr, I don’t mind some males cause I wanted to make my own seeds later, but I hope at least one or two are females. This will be my first time dealing with “regular” seeds, I do want some male pollen to freeze and use on a clone later each style. I’m gonna have to make a special setup with panda plastic, somehow, for separate grow/seeding etc, for making seeds, I don’t want any cross contamination and end up with a durban poison----pitbull seeds or a pitbull—durban poisin seeds(same thing?, ha), I think I shouldn’t have been doing them both at the same time.


Very nice I like the set up I hope you got some room because boy you got a forest getting ready to happen good luck my friend everything looks great


Well, I have the “room”, but the question is do I have the money for the electricity,…ha. I mean, I’d have liked to start them Gold Leaf seeds I bought, or breed me some seeds with the regular white widow seeds I also had ordered from here. Oh sure, if anything, I still have my setup in the 10’x16’ foot shed with two 4’x8’ grow tents,…one with leds,…the other with hps 600 wattsx2 and four 6" vortex fans,…2 per intake, 2 per exhaust…I’ve had, errrrr, “activity” in there before, believe me…


WEll, I started the germanization process for two gold leaf female seeds I got from here, I mean, the above plants are seemingly doing well, and we all know there will be later culling of male plants other than one each to do some seeding experimentation…update,…both of them started putting out a tap root, after 24 hours in distilled water,…but I prefer to use an aquarium bubbler to oxygenate the water as extra protection, put them in seed starter soil mix in a small pot with the others in the enclosure pictured up there,…I had to take one durban out to make room, put a zip lock bag over it with a straw to tent it, and vented the baggy,…I guess I tried to do too many all at once.


If I clone and pollnate make plants in the same tent and then can I clean it out and use female plants with no pollination.

Pollen is supposedly only viable,…meaning active, for three weeks,…and to be safe, …I’d go one month. If male pollen lasted longer, it would be easier to keep and use later, but it is not. By the way, I had let those plants you see grow longer than nomral, they got so tall, overgrown, cause I was working and feeling poorly, so those plants yielded so much high grade bud, you wouldn’t believe,…and that was me half assing growing it, meaning I barely put enough time into doing anything other than making sure they got watered and fertilized,…and sometimes I didn’t get them watered soon enough and they started wilting, but they got so large it didn’t matter. I ended up sharing with a friend at the time back then cause I just had way too much.