Herbs grow in tent

My wife wants to add a herb setup in grow tent. Will this effect my buds?

Rule # 1. No other species or pets allowed in grow area, they can carry weed’s Ebola (virus) or hungry pests A to Z.
I take extreme measures in this regard, once you have an invasion then there’s no peace, just battles upon battles and casualties.
You’re inviting problems with open borders.

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I disagree.
If you have room, you could potentially put anything you want in the tent. Take the same precaution you have for cannabis and you’ll be fine.
I started some marigolds, as well as multiple herbs in the veg tent. Again, spray everything as if you already have pests. Spinosad kills soft body insects, and it’s safe for edible plants as well. Captain jacks is a reputable brand. Happy growing. :seedling:


Ty both. Nothing but medical plants in the tent

As long as you start, grow, and finish the other plants in the same tent I see no reason why not.
If you plan on taking the plants outside and bringing back in, no.

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