Herbalist ,need help

@Herbalist, was wondering if you know of some herbs ,I can give my dog as she has just been diagnosed with cancer, also other pain herbs besides kayane pepper

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Make sure you read all the way to the bottom. Info in that thread WILL help your dog! Good luck with that Bro.


So sorry about that diagnoses. Stay strong for that furbaby and check out the thread Cannibus for Pets. @bob31 has had great success with his cat and dog and can give you info on a product called treatibles. Crossing my fingers you find something that can help.


@bob31 Help a fellow grower and pet owner out?

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Lol @Rugar89 funny but @Coltfire was the guy that posted right before you in the garden thread!

I’ve got him now!

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I haven’t seen @Herbalist around for awhile @Coltfire but I can help you out with what I’m using. I’m not sure if it available to where you live or not?

Is CBD oil with zero active THC made from hemp legal for you?

The company here in the us says they are 50 state legal.

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@bob31 ,I looked at them today, it would be a matter if I could get them posted to Australia or not.

They are a small company. Mom and pop shop I think.

If you emailed them and asked I think they would.

How many pounds is your dog? @Coltfire

Email them at info at treatibles.com

She is 24,kg would have to work out the conversion but I think it works out about 50lb

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Yep 52 pounds so based on that you would want the 250mg CBD oil given at about a half to 2/3 dropper.

If you can afford it @Coltfire and you decide to get the oil I would probably get 2 or three as the price for shipping would be about the same and save you long term $$.

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@thaproduct22 makes CBD dog treats! My dogs loved them and work great for when they get stung by bees or play with bugs lol



No kidding? I don’t think ive had the privilege. Maybe the tag will bring him/her over to say hello @ktreez420 @thaproduct22


If your looking to get into auz there are websites that have vendors that can do so (a high % of the time) let me know if you want more info.

@McLovin777 ,yes please ,would much appreciate it

Ok, I will send you a self destructing message link via a great website I know. Just click read and you can see it. Only one person can then it shows message read blabla now time ago.
Link for coltfire. No one else as it can only be viewed once. https://privnote.com/VgduE5XJ#ExUouPFnH

Honestly I’d probably just mix some in with dog food personally, any type, would be cheaper and have the same effect really. My mum’s dog eat a while plant and was fine (just very stoned) so at the end if the day one spliff worth will just have a similar effect id imagine as it would for you. GL anyway colt

@McLovin777 ,thanks brother ,I’ll have a look at that , as for just giving her any ,doesn’t work as the THC part is toxic to animals .

I had no idea. Fair play. It’s well worth it, price ect is good and quality is great as everything has reviews. Tried and tested

Oh coltfire, I’m so sorry, yes, I’ve moved into other studies, and so I haven’t been around. As someone else suggested, definitely look into low or no THC cannabis-- even the fan leaves from your grow would be excellent. I recently learned that dogs have twice as many thc receptors in their brains as humans, so can become extremely uncomfortable if given thc.

Other herbs to consider for pain are skullcap and passion flower. Chapparel also has some tumor fighting properties. There are more. Do your research. Try to find herbs that are native to your continent. I’ve discovered that for every herb in one region, there is another herb that is medicinally identical in another region. And of course, some herbs that don’t grow wild in your area can be cultivated. American Skullcap is one example.
Capsaicin (the chemical that makes chilies hot) is recommended because of its anti inflammatory proprties. It also stimulates good blood flow to the tissues it needs to go to. Capsaicin also acts on the smooth micro muscles that line the blood vessels, allowing them to relax and contract as needed. This action makes chilies a good crisis herb for treating shock.
Feverfew is another pain relieving, anti inflammatory, good for general aches, pains, fevers, nausea.

I hope I was able to be of help. I am very sorry that you have to go through this.


Oh and @Coltfire, be sure to look into the nutritional, immune support hetbs, like burdock root, dandelion ( roots are for liver, leaves for kidneys), and milk thistle. Those herbs will support the liver and kidneys, helping the body to eliminate toxins.