Hempy Smart Pots

If smart pots are beneficial to root growth why not sit the entire fabric pot inside a shallow (2" deep) container and make a makeshift fabric hempy bucket? This setup might also be beneficial because you can easily remove the old nute solution in the reservoir and refill it via the watering process, thus maintaining a fresh reservoir at all times. Has anybody tried this?

Shallow water culture? :slight_smile:
Sounds like it’d work, as long as the reservoir is kept dark to keep algae and that from developing. What medium would you use in the pots? It would need to be very well aerated, I’d think.

Coco coir with 30-50% perlite #2 or 3

Sounds like Po’ man auto pot

I was going to use 100% perlite but might opt for 50/50 perlite coco mix.