Hemp seeds composition!


Hi all!
Just a stoned thought :thought_balloon:
From a tiny seed can grow a big :seedling: whitout any nutrients. So the content of a Hemp seed can be used to create a nutrient or compost or something like that!
Now THE QUESTION: How I transform a bunch of seeds in something to give it to my plants?
PS This can be the one billion dollars though :joy:

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If you know someone who knows about this please tag him.


I don’t get too in depth with it, but I would assume some sort of compost


It looks like it would work for soil but not hydro… :wink:
In dwc , nft or ebb and flow you really need to keep things clean , even your nutrients… or else there will be issues… I won’t put anything organic other then microbes in my rdwc units… I can run them for 12 to 16 week’s with no slime or build up… doesn’t really seem like I even need to clean them , but I do after every cycle… :wink:

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I know about using organic nutes in dwc :joy:.
Also I find something on the internet about that but the result will not be like a magic potion so it’s not a one billion dollars ideea :joy:.
The result after decomposing will be around 7-1-4 NPK ratio. The grass makes the same results


Hi @M4ur , it’s a good idea, I will try to add some in my next AACT (Activated Aerated Compost Tea) next summer… Stay tuned ! ! ! :wink:


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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I vaguely remember the tablet, and some talk of the financial aspect. Hopefully you are at least feeling better. That other stuff works itself out. Not always the easiest, but there’s definitely more important things in life.


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Ok, return to topic subject… :wink:

My intention is to crush blend the hemp seeds … Like I usually do with alfafa seeds or pellets … question of minerals and carbohydrate addition and some macro and micro nutrients to the brew processus…

The living microbes in the compost should decay these in actual availability of them for the plant in a AACT processus… Anyway, it’s the idea behind your idea, @M4ur:wink: also tag @dbrn32 @Nug-bug @peachfuzz @Fever


And I’m love it👍


Ok so what is actually happening to validate this? I read all posts but missed that important detail.


You guys are over my head, but I’ll hang around and try to learn something.


First, I am an organic grower’s from around 15 years… I have made AACT for 5 years, except last year since I did’nt made a garden last year, so I begin to do this 6 years ago, if it’s your question…

Otherwise, I did not yet doing it with hemp seeds, it’s all about that topic and I intend to find out if it’s doable and financialy faisable @Fever, give me a chance buddy :wink:

If you want to know if compost tea works with cannabis… Than make your own research in the subject because, personnaly, I only did it with Actisol pellets (some kind of chicken manure) and I am please with the results I had…

If you want to know my complete recipe, sorry, but I won’t… espacelly to someone who will made profit for free advise :wink:

Anyway, every one can Google AACT and find recipe to make their own compost tea and most of them are good…

So, it’s not against you personnaly, because I understand that you do good with your harvest…

And if one day I discover something with hemp seeds involved and it’s revolutionary, @M4ur is gone a have half of it… It’s written buddy… :wink: :innocent: :sunglasses: :v:

~Al :v: :innocent:


So here’s what I’m wondering. How many hemp seeds are we talking here to get a plant through a whole grow, and where are you guys getting them?

I’ve been using my downtime to try and research replacing my liquid nutrients with dry salts that I mix myself. So far I’m looking at jacks hydro mixed with calcium nitrate, espsom salts, and potentially Moab. Can’t say I’ve decided to go this route for sure. But I’m looking at a 3-2-1 ratio per gallon. At 3 grams per gallon, a 25 lb bag of jacks hydroponic for $50 will last me a lifetime.


All I am looking for is a modest timeline. I see multiple “experiments” on here that don’t actually show anything is just a lot of conversation with no results.
Don’t rush on my account but I’d like to understand what the goal is and where we are in achieving that goal. Or should I just read people’s perspectives on this method? I’m politely asking for some leadership and milestones. Otherwise I may miss the good info.