Hemp Seedlings with bud?

Some my Hemp Seedlings look like they have buds forming. They are 21 days old. They are under 1000watt LED Lights. Just starting to hardening them off. Not all Seedlings are like this just a few. Any ideas.!

Interested in what you think.

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Can you get another clear shot of that? I’ve never seen anything like it.

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That’s the best I can do.


Much better. Looks like a male cluster.


Yea male it is

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Beutiful …but Male

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That’s what I thought, but the plant is so young.
Is that normal for Hemp male to start to bud.
If so, no need to keep them.

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Yeah, that’s really quick. Don’t think that’s normal for any version of the plant but it would be nice if males would always show themselves that quickly.


Yes,it sure would. But leaves me scratching my head.
Thanks for the information.

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I cant stop looking at it…

It’s strangely beautiful…

Something for the freak show…

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Well it’s not a male bud its male pollen sacs and if you have other plants in your area the will pollinated if there past week 2 of flowering… you definatley dont want Thc plants pollinated by a hemp… that would suck…

I’m also curious as mine show female but stacking super short between leafs and a weird shape on top node ??

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