Hemingway- Naner, What can I do?

Musty have broken a branch on a Fruity Pebbles strain a few days ago and didn’t see it til today. Its healing and the overall plant looks healthy.

A few nodes up I now have some nanners poking out. Counted 7 on two different branches of the same plant. None of my other plants , 12 total have nanners.

Is there anything I can do besides isolate the plant? It still has st least two weeks minimum to finish.

Also, I have great ocsilating air flow, will it or had it placed my other plants?

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Only sure thing is to isolate it, you can pull off the naners but chances are you’ll miss some and then you’ll get a bunch of seeds. Last time I had a hermie, I moved it to my exercise room (other side of the house from my grow tents) and pointed a couple spare blurples at it til it finished.

Pluck em.gwt rid of them, isolate or harvest if within a week or so…other conditions and circumstances May apply… LoL that’s my waiver announcement at the end…

I’ll isolate, how good are hermie seeds? They feminized?

They will be feminized but good chance of growing more hermies.