Helppppppp! 911! Coco and perlite

Why did you give her PH 6?
Soil is 6.5 silly.

The autopot system is great, it’s easy to PH it, check it e times a week it depends on how much ppm is in your reservoir (higher the better to control PH) have to adjust it anywhere from once every 2 weeks to 3 times a week depending on size of reservoir and ppm

They green that’s good lol.

Time to pot up theittle ones, Ps your gonna regret small fabric pots because roots grow into fabric. Always go plastic until final pot.

I see with the plastic until final pot. More than likely 2 more transplants yea? 6.5. I missed that by a mile

Your learning Ira fine just do it going forward.

Your call on the Trans plants. How big do you want to go? Lighting is your limiting factor probably
You can grow decent plants in a 3 gallon fabric or a 5 gallon fabric

No lighting isn’t limiting factor. I have another 600 mh/hps and more than a hand full of1000w

I’m thinking vedge until 24 or so inches. Lord I have a lot of work to do to make vedge and flower rooms

Well then go to a 3 gallon and then to a 7? Or just go to a 5. Your call.

Build your rooms hang your lights and figure out how much space you can light 75w per sq foot is ideal.

Then if your cutting clones cut a bunch so cup them toss them. In 3 gallon pots and screen of green. It’s faster then vegging forever

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I feel like the transplanting might give me a better shot at regulating ph if I soak the coco in calmag

Sagging for some reason!! She was healthier looking before I re flushed again. I immediately fed after flush.

Nicky I’m up to about 700 ppm and today will be 3rd feeding at that and plants look fine except the one plant that ph was off real bad. She looks better but not like the others. Today is second day and second buffer of more coco. I’m going to transplant them. I think thy are n half gallon bags. 3 gallon 2 gallon. What do you recommend? My guess is 2. I was going to veg a couple few more weeks then change light cycle

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Either or what’s your final pot size?
I wouldn’t grow final in anything smaller than a 3g that’s for sure.

Let us know how it goes

Transplanted one into 3 gal gotta get more coco,lol. To do the rest!!!

Transplanted over period of a few days into 3 gallon bags. They seem happy. I also took some cuttings from what I hope is a mother (find out soon) plant. Everything changed when I transplanted. The Final one that got transplanted isn’t quite over shock. Long story on that. Basically I trashed the wrong plant. The way I pulled out of the small bag tore her roots up. When I transplanted I did clonex full strength along with cal-mag full strength. I’m going to post the pic of the root ball from one of the girls. Wow!