Helppppppp! 911! Coco and perlite

Have you fed yet?

Immediately last night

Gonna work the 2 with the high numbers

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Sounds good get it all dialed in.
Let me know what you end up with.

Is ph an issue that doesn’t happen often if coco is buffered?

Not necessarily.
If your water alkalinity is off it can cause issues. Check your city’s website for a water treatment report post it here.

Many things can cause PH issues.
The most often can be fixed by a quick flush unless It’s an alkalinity water issue.

How big are these plants? If they are as small. As I think they are it shoildnt take long…

Plants are about 6-8 inches

I suggest you take that down, edit the image and ensure the public can’t see your state and city.
Even more so if your not in a legal recreational state. Just to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately I don’t see it on their water report may have to email them and ask?

Your plants should be flushed I would continue on as normal and if any ill effects come you will have to either get RO water orr find out the alkalinity of the tap water.

Can I reuse the nutrient run off if I ph it?

And I’m doing it legally. I’m just sick of spending 6-800 a month at dispensary

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No judgment here I just was informing you, I’m in a legal federal country so I hear you.
My girl spends that on those vape thc pens… Ugh.

Run off can go to your yard/garden or veggies not back into the plant

So using a system for coco is out of the question then?

I don’t understand the context

An auto water/feed. Maybe even ebb and flow. Maybe I should have just asked if it’s possible to set up auto feed and reservoir

Go to the search and type
Autopot guide.

You can thank me later

Man I’ve been thinking about how much work it is for 5 plants. I want to do atleast that many more. Do a perpetual cropping system

Easy tiger. Get good at growing one two or max 3 first =p

You’ll be chasing your tail. If you dive in to early.

Lol you got a point. It’s easy to control ph with this system?

One in back is mother plant in soil. She is in ff happy frog. Just transplanted this evening. Watered her in at ph of 6. She is a wedding cake x guavadog. Some people know it as boysenberry creme brûlée