Helppppppp! 911! Coco and perlite

I changed my npk base yesterday. I tried to go back to the same ppms and ph. First ever hydro media grow. Here’s some pics. I cut back to a 750 ppm and same ph.

My canopy temp is 72
Media: coco/ perlite
Base nutes house gardens cocos part a and b
Micro nutes aptus plant tech ambassador pack about 3/4 strength
My prior run off well over 900

Do I flush with nutes at proper ppm/ph? Or only water? Please let me know

What’s your PH? Twist leafs ussualy PH.
A flush never hurt, flush and feed.

Ph run off 6.4 after ph in 5.9

Since I changed my npk base yesterday it’s been messed up

Like I guessed PH is off.

PH your water to 5.8 and flush it until it comes ou the bottom close to that.

Then feed a full feeding according to the feed scedule, again PH it to 5.8.

Boom solved.

Thanks bud

Np bud, out for a rip.

Hey one thing I’m having problems with. My ppms when doing this part a and part b stuff. Since I have to completely mix in part a and let sit before mixing part b. And I’m at like 600 ppm. No where near where my ppm was with other base nutes. Can I mix more part a in? It’s the house and garden stuff. I wish I just had jacks

Holy shit one gallon did nada

Mr nicky

Yes flush with cal mag ph’d water. You are correct.
It’s gonna take like 5-10 gallons. If your in a 3gallon pot.

Lol I ran a gallon thru with no cal mag no change. I was bugging

Ain’t bugging me at all ever lol.

What size are those pots?

I don’t even know if they are even a gallon.

Time for a system. Tired of ph 1 gal at a time. Freak

At least your work is minimal then.

Still flush em.

When you pot up make sure the day or two before you fill your pots and ph cal mag buff em, easy to do in your bathtub.

Please no cussing

So is it better for me to start over with buffered coco?

Sorry abt cussing

So if my micro nutes have some mag would I still add my normal dose of cal mag? The micro nutes are aptus

And heck so does the part B of this cocos