blueberry is getting super tall

Hi there,
I’m on week 7 of my hydro indoor blueberry autoflower (from ILGM) and it’s now at ~4feet, touching the LED hydro-mars 300W light.

I can see some of the top leaves starting to clam up and I do not have vertical space amymore
What would be the best course of action ? Should i cut the two top colas ?

See pictures for reference. Any comment, opinion, suggestions will be highly appreciated!


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Start bending your tops over. If you cut em off you lose that entire area. Tie down before they harden off too bad.


No cutting… just bend them over… :wink:

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@Myfriendis410 & @peachfuzz have you covered your in awesome hands.:v:Keep on keeping on!:sunglasses:


I try to be here for all of you as much as possible…
With life…
it’s hard to find time…
But then again, I just want all of you to have the best harvest as possible… :wink:
Just to take a little heat off of me… :grin::shushing_face:


I ran out of space and had to pull mine down it works very well but I grow photos. This was my last grow. :sunglasses:


I love growing…:grin:
Alot of medicine… :grin::wink::shushing_face:



Better pic…

Not the pic I really wanted…
I get some better pictures…


@peachfuzz they look amazing :wink::sunglasses::v::+1:


ok, right now i just moved apart the two colas from the center under the light .
Should i really bend the two colas or that would be enough ?
I was not expecting the plant to get so tall…previous auto White Widow got to 3ft.
thanks everybody!

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Just lightly, if you can… if they are to hardened off , just try to move them off to the side of the light… :wink:
Best you can do at this point… :wink:
That’s one thing about auto’s, you never know how big there gonna get…

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