Helping a buddy

So a little mystery here trying to help a buddy. Here is what I know, this was a clone from an unknown strain. It was cloned from a hydro grow and transplanted in a small pot with an unknown pre amended soil. Once he got it he kept it in that soil about 5 days and possibly over watered trying to love her a bit too much.
She was then transfered into a 3 gal fabric pot with FFHF and whatever soil she was in (qt pot)

She had a few real bad looking fan leaves that were defoliated and has been about 5 days in her new home.

Using daylight T8 bulbs with a reflective surround and water with ph corrected to 6.2 very lightly.

Is she showing nute burn, over watering, shock?

@Kinglouida13th @abouttime @kaptain3d @Jaydawg6528 @spyonyou @CalamityJane @patchman @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @yoshi Hey can anyone help this guy? Nobody at all responded to him yet, and I am not good at diagnosing problems yet.
Is is ok for me to ask for help for him?


Of course it is ok :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: helping is what everyone does here! :grin::+1:

Unfortunately I do no know the answer… :pensive:

@Timmytwotoke it might help if the guys here knew a bit more info. Do you know what the current room temperature is and relative humidity, etc.
If you can, fill out this support ticket to give the guys here a better chance to help you:

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
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Good luck!
CJ. :v:


Water before pH? I.e. distilled, reverse osmosis, tap

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Wow! Thanks for jumping in and tagging a bunch of people, thats was awesome of you!


Water before PH is well water and around 7.5 ph before correction down.
Temp in his room between 60 f and 70 f with RH of 40-65

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Like CJ said, it’s always all right for you to tag people to help someone if you don’t know the answer to the issue. It is going to be tough to diagnose the problem with so little information. Watering at 5 days might be the problem, but it could also be other things he listed. It could also be stress. At 5 days and transplanting to another pot could have stressed her out. It looks like there was some greening up going on or some green turning the same color as the rest of her. 5 days you may not have any roots, so watering would be useless. The temps coukd be a little warmer- say 70° to 78° . I would let some of the other folks chime in, as I can only guess. We do need more info. That is a big clipping to have no roots for a period. Let some experienced growers chime in. Peace…


Are you giving them liquid fertilizer cause im seeing possible nute burn possibly from well water having more ppm then tap/ distilled


Did you let the water come up to room temp? Was the soil watered till run off before transplant? The roots don’t like either of these not happening.


First off thanks to everyone who has chimed in thus far! I have been lurking for a while and see the support this community has and it is amazing!
So this clone had about 8-10 inches of root when placed in the first small pot.

Second I will pass along the temp concerns.

And thirdly no he did not water the soil until runoff prior to transplant in the FFHF.

It does have new green leafs and a few are displaying the same look so I in my very limited knowledge would guess the soil may have been too hot on the initial planting in a small pot with unknown pre fertilized soil. He did transplant into the FFHF with that original soil included from the first pot so maybe its still too hot.

Should he let it ride and see how she does or try to flush her out? I fear flushing her may be too much right now or possibly activate more of the nutes if they are time release.

Always wet the soil before transplant, could be the cause of the issues. I read so much I can’t remember where reading about this and exactly why you shouldn’t transplant into dry soil then water after. Balance issue of some kind. And always water slow. If you water fast it will create channels in the soil that will cause run off while a majority of the soil remains dry. Also salts will build up if you don’t water to runoff occasionally. Happy frog is never to hot from my knowledge, but may be if roots are hitting dried up nutrients. Not sure how that actually works

It helps if you give the soil a misting before you water. That way the soil absorbs the water where you pour it. It doesn’t tend to channel that way. Slow is the way to go with water. Good luck! Peace…

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Welcome to the forum Timmytwotoke. I’m also pretty new here but somehow I got a bunch of super growers who really know their stuff to help me. So when I saw you were new and nobody answered your question I figured I’d pay it forward a bit, you know? The people I tagged for you all have one thing in common, they love weed and helping others learn how to grow. Several different ways and styles and here you are not criticized or looked down on in any way. Everyone was a beginner once. If they have a journal you should read it (them).
And here are a few tips: to direct your comment to someone in particular put @ in front of their screen name and they will be notified. If you get a chart or an explanation you would like to keep bookmark it (in the three dots next to Reply) you can then access it by clicking on your profile pic in upper right corner.
In conclusion If you have ?'s ask them, don’t be embarassed, just include as much information as possible (see above support ticket). Good Luck!



See I do the weirdest things but it’s just me .


Water starve them , split the stalk and 5 days of complete darkness and I should jar these last few straight into curing which would be my personal personal super amber dried and cured I think might be the way to go to get that super loud smell and crazy frostiest buds you ever see .


Damn @DebbieM you have come a long long way I remember when you couldn’t find yourself on here (I was the same way) it really is awesome how far you have grown. One day your going to be the one everyone tags to the new posts. :heart_eyes_cat:


They moved me up a trust level and they gave me an instruction manual. Everything but how to send a private message. And you know I don’t know anything except the lst really, but I know @patchman and he can always find who is needed. So I thought I’d kinda share the wealth as it is, @BigMommaC really thinks she’s gonna get criticized, you know we don’t do that and the sooner you start asking questions and interacting with the people here the sooner you end up getting the tools you need to grow. So, I found @Timmytwotoke had a question and nobody had responded to it yet. So I shared some of my best people with him and let’s see what happens. He did appreciate it, it’s fun to see how amazing it is when help just pours in on you from total strangers. It was great for me but I super enjoyed seeing people just jump in and help him cuz I asked them too. I love All of you, Certain people more tho. I have company, I forgot about them, oops, catch you later

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@DebbieM , I know a few guys , oh and this hippie chick in South Chicago that has no quit in her , love it !
Now this one guy told me you finally got to trimming , feeding , and about to start training you’re plants 🪴.
Than this other gal said she heard it too , but this one guy I know @DebbieM , this guy I’m telling you his word is bond , but it’s another one guy though @DebbieM , that just listen :notes: to his plants 🪴 and grow them by doing all different methods , to see which produces the best amount of good stress for her the plant can release and harvest her best yes


I love how involved you are! You ask all the best questions and you are correct; EVERYONE seems to want to help. It’s awesome!! I’m just nervous to post my simple grow just because I read how in-depth some people get and I honestly don’t have the tools and time and confidence yet for that… so my biggest fear is posting ‘how am I doing?’ And someone goes ‘well first u need a new tent… 8 different fertilizers/food… 6 diff soils for each stage of the plant… an $800 light… water that’s been melted from Mars and shipped directly to your plant … and the first born of your neighbors… THEN you’ll be on track to an ‘ok’ grow’ :confused::rofl::woman_facepalming: I’m not looking to harvest lbs and lbs… I just don’t want my girl to be sick and suffering and dying… next time around I will start training early on, but the grow is the fun part for me. Smoking her at the end is the bonus! I just wanna love my plants and watch em flourish :slight_smile:
I still trying to figure out how I’m going to fit her in the tent while she flowers! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: she’s 5 weeks and already like 23in from soil to top. Plus the big ol pot and small stones I have under to help with runoff… I’ll be rearranging my tent to get the fan outside and just the duct pulling air from the inside. :crossed_fingers: I have to look up super cropping i think buds said… but I’m nervous to hurt her. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So the pictures I found are from 3 days ago, and she is way tall. They grow really fast after you flip them. I’m doing photos, but what I’ve read is you are not supposed to top the autos, but quite a few growers have that I saw on youtube and here and they had excellent results. Either way you can’t have a 8 foot plant in a 5 foot tent. If I had her I would top her and clone that top and then bend her over and tie to the handle with something soft, I use elastic to not choke the branch as it grows. But before you do that check with someone who does autos, hey @patchman can you find this young lady an answer? as I don’t know when she’s ready to flip. Ask an expert, there’s plenty here. Just keep in mind she will double in size and you don’t want her stuck in the light.
And yeah, you need all that stuff, if you like it enough you’ll get the stuff, not all at once, we are not that rich. And everyone here was also new once and they didn’t have the stuff either, most important is the ph meter. Good luck, tag me anytime
What part of the country are you in?

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