Helpful water filter

Hey just wanted to share an ugly but handy water filter. I picked up a zero water filter for the house and it does really really well at removing nutrients from the tap water. Tested water before it went through at 400 ppm. After it was 3 ppm so I thought it may save me money in distilled water. I started using this instead of distilled but it took forever to do a liter of water at a time so I took the filter, and a couple of 5 gallon buckets. Put a hole in a lid and a hole through the bottom of one, and fitted the filter into it. Now I just fill the 5 gallon bucket and let it do it’s thing. You could probably put 2 or 3 filters in a single bucket. I only had the one filter so it works for now. Then just let the water sit for a few days to burn off the fluorine and chlorine.


Kool idea. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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I have found it is very handy and really helping save money. It is also less stress now I dont need to worry about running out of distilled and having to run to 3 stores to find a few gallons.

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Little update. I was able to get about 150 gallons from that single filter. I just bought a replacement filter for 25 bucks for 2 on Amazon. So I saved myself so far $130.00 wit distilled water being .99 per gallon. So completely worth it. Now I know it works I’m going to see about 3d printing a permit screw housing for the bucket so in the future I can screw the filter in and out.

@Quarinteen That’s freaking genius. Going to order those now. If you do the screw housing for the bucket - please post it on thingiverse? And leave me a holler here, so I know to go look for it?