Helpful advice 'not'

i know im a novice starting out looking for helpful advice againsts a community of hard core pro’s that have this down to a fine art & its ure help advice im looking for. 80% genuine helpers, 5% comedians(that r funny) but 15% sardonic sarcastics know it alls that ure r just bored & want to be unhelpful. I have paid the same as u to b in this forum & expect some semblence of treatment. if my question seems to u(in a sense) that im asking should i water my plant(yes maybe stupid to u as i am a novice) just a simple yes/no will suffice no smartarse response required. this is weed, it grows like a weed, im just growing for myself, can u take this into account as with all other personal growers, we arn’t professional growers, but we do take it personal. bring on the 85% that help & humour:unamused::persevere::smile:

Hi Cooral,

Can you point me to the conversation where you felt mistreated?

Also, as a member of Bergmans Lab you can post in the Bergmans Lab section, there only our inhouse experts will answer you.

But in either place you will be treated with respect

Customer Support Bergman’s Lab

@cooral sorry if I confused you using support ticket finding a correct answer much like a doctors visit requires information to rule out several issues and narrow things down. If you felt my answer was sarcastic or out of place I will simply state we use support ticket since it gets you the most accurate results. If you answer a question before hearing or knowing more factors you could quite simply be giving poor advice as others read the posts and use as learning tools it’s always best to shoot for correct answers.
It was most likely the light but since you never said it was Led until after or the strain (both questions you will note are on the ticket) you may have received poor advice :wink:

I suspect it was my use of support ticket to answer Pure white bud tops

no certianly not ures was helpful, it was i was reading some of the other post of novice growers that had very unhelpful snide remarks & feedback, i do feel this is a community area all with same agenda’s of knowledge & experience, but some people just have !@#$ed up ideas of wat is helpful. anyway my 1st grow has been fairly good, i understand the principles of air, light,water & nutes also the finals in growth state eg feeding off thier own nute throu leaves, but its throu this experience that all the minute factors play in eg humidy,heat & nute dfeffiecencies( cause i thought the hydro nutes would cover all that) I hope you will continue with your advice in future but wtf core root temp at night and day ))))))))

no i personnally was was never mistreated it was some replies to other beginners posts that i thought were maybe a bit sarcastic becuase of wording, in fact 1 response was so indepth that it raised issues in things bout growing that hadnt even entered my mind eg root stock temp, my post was just a gentle reminder that we were all novices at one time no matter how stupid the question remember ‘there is no stupid question only stupid answer’

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