Yellow leaves ?Happy growing everyone what’s up hey newer grower here just got everything set up 1 month in and I started noticing the yellowing on the bottom leaves. I noticed this before I transplanted them so I got to see if it could be root rot or something. I personally didn’t see anything looking like it. I give them liquid nutrients half of what the instructions recommend. I’m just looking for opinions on what this looks like in the eyes of someone more experianced. Really appreciate the help and again happy growing.

Yellowing leaves could be a deficiency, it could be lots of things.

Pictures could help us have a better idea.

You can also check our guides section.

Specifically the 2 articles in the symptom checker section and the nutrients articles:

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What’s up. Is this another thread with your same problem ?
I just answered your question in another thread. Yes same problem only second thread.
This gets everyone confused. Please go back to the first threadd. Cause this one will be deleted


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