someone know what happened here ???
the plant stop growing … :expressionless:

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Is that rockwool? Have you applied any Nutrients?

Strain: unknown
Indoor - Hydro drain and waste
Size of space: 100 cm x 100 cm

PH: abut 6.0-6.5
my ph meter broke so i use chemical ph test (it is difficult for me to level the ph level)
EC/TDS ppm levels: 30
now i running without neutrons after i had error
Temperature: 23-25 c
Humidity %: 50-60
Light system :
MH 400 watts

my question is :
the stress the we see caused by high\low ph or this is nutrient deficiency ???

It looks to me as if the root zone may be getting to hot. High humidity and temperatures above 70F/21 degrees Celsius could lead to microbial imbalances in the medium as well. Pathogens can cause the symptoms you are describing as well as to the look of the stems, cotyledons (embryonic leaves), and lamina (true leaves) in your pictures. Your embryonic leaves should continue to look health in most cases and not curl severely, also your stems should look bright white on a plant so young. Try to reduce temperatures and be sure not to be “over watering”, the roots not getting enough oxygen could contribute to these symptoms as well. Water will more readily hold oxygen at cooler temperatures 68-69F or 20 degrees Celsius is a good temp average to shoot for at the root zone and no lower than 60F or 15C

thank you for your help .
they feel better now .
by the way what ph meter you recommend ??

You can find ph meters really cheap on e-bay. I use the ones that you can get for under $10. Just get a couple at that cheap. You can then double check yourself for accuracy. They usually come calibrated and come with some calibration powders to be mixed with distilled water so you can check their accuracy. I have never needed to invest in the more expensive ones as these are very accurate as long as you rinse well with distilled water between uses and they should last you quite awhile. You can even buy some electrode storage solution to use periodically to have them last even longer. The generic “Milwaukee” like yellow ones can be found for as low as about $2 from china with free shipping. Takes a couple of weeks but the price can’t be beat, maybe buy one local or on amazon for the $10 to get it right away and get a couple of $2 ones from china as backups.

Ok, so I don’t see them as cheap as $2 anymore on e-bay, lol. But I do see plenty for under $10 on e-bay and amazon. Amazon has some stateside shippers so the shipping won’t take as long as from hongkong or china if you are in the states.

I didn’t see where you said what the medium was.

Thanks for filling out the “support ticket” I saw an answer that tells me; The plants are too young for nutrients. You must wait until you have 4-5 true sets of leaves before applying nutrients. By using plain water ph’d at or below 6.0; Your plants will start to look healthy. Peace.lw