HELP Yellowing on leaf edges of just one plant....and

So I have 4 plants (2 white widow and 2 wedding cake) in a 4x4x8 in 5 gallon soil fabric pots with a Hydrogro 2000 Led light (with another tiny little blurble led light that i had for other plants)
They are now in week 7 (day 52).
I have been giving them light nutes and switched to flowering mixture-- 1/2 the recommended dose using ph’d water to 6.5. ONE single plant has started showing signs of some deficiency?
Can someone help me ID what this is most likely?

Maybe a question for another topic but should I be removing some of the leaves? Should I do only 2 plants for my next grow… It seems I am awfully packed in there and I am not sure the light is getting through.

Do you have more information on the lights? Lighting affects every process so at least how many actual watts is the light using?

Keep in mind that every plant (even clones) is different. Just like siblings in your family; every plant is different with different demands and needs.

Thank you for the reply. It is 300w output also attaching the ppfd map at 18" and i am running 18 on and 6 off schedule
Also needed to include the temp and humidity… which is on average 24c and 45%…

Looks like magnesium deficiency. Are you adding any calmag?

Cal mag supplement for sure.

Hey guys… sorry for the delay in response. I was not adding any calmag. At the same time as I got your responses I found a pic saying the exact same thing, so I am sure you nailed it. THANK YOU
Secondarily I did immediately get some calmag and started adding it. I really think it helped prevent the others which had not started showing any signs or stressed by that yet. THANK YOU again for looking and helping out!

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