Help! Yellowing bottom leaves

Hello all! I am hoping someone can help shed light on whats going on with my 2 lady Harlequin’s. Here’s the back story…

I began growing indoors on May 4th using a seedling starter mix in 1.5 gallon pots with a Mars Hydro TS1000W light at around 25% power, no nutes. All good.

May 17th - upgraded my pots to 5 gallon and and switched to Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, TS1000W around 50% power, no nutes. All good.

June 5th - moved outside but didn’t change the pot size. plants are almost 2 feet at this point. No nutes, plant still looks good.

June 14th - approx 4 weeks after switching to Fox Farm Ocean Forest, i start using big bloom and grow big. slight yellowing on bottom leaves. figured it was time to start nutes…
follow directions on back of bottles (2 teaspoons for grow big and 4 tablespoons for big bloom) and mix both into a gallon milk jug of water.

June 17th - more yellowing and now im thinking its not a nute problem. I look at the bottom of the pots and see the roots poking out so i decide this has to be the issue! I go out and grab 7 gallon pots like an idiot (5 gallon to 7 gallon) thinking this would last. It lasted a week until the roots started showing again but im still seeing more leaves yellow at the bottom.

July 2nd - Upgrade to 20 gallon pots and decided to grab soil at home depot for the pots. I went with Miracle Grow Performance Organics All Purpose (black bag). also used the rest of my Fox Farm Ocean Forest. still yellowing but new growth seems ok. New growth has always looked healthy besides the leaves at the bottom with more yellowing happening. Stopped nutrients due to the nitrogen in the new Fox Farm soil i applied and some nitrogen in the MG soil.

Today (July 6th) - Symptoms do not look any better but doesnt seem to be getting worse. Maybe its just this strain? quick recap below what i tried and using…

Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with Miracle Grow Performance Organics All Purpose
Upgraded from 1.5 → 5 → 7 → 20 gallon pots
Tried Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big after thinking my Ocean Forest soil ran out of nutes. Didn’t help.
My water is PH downed to ~6.5. Water is originally 7.5 by me. I use Distilled white vinegar to PH down it.

The only thing I can think of is its some other deficiency besides nitrogen or possibly wind burn as it is usually windy where i am at (Illinois, Chicago suburbs). Seems to began after moving outdoors.

Those are old beat up fan leaves ready to go away. Plants are fine.

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Thanks for the reply!! My other thought was a magnesium deficiency because maybe my pH is to acidic from using distilled white vinegar to bring it down?

Nope: plants look fine. Keep doing what you’re doing.

That said; at some point soon you are going to have to think about adding supplements as cannabis is a hungry plant. To supplement properly you are going to need a decent digital PH and TDS meter.

White vinegar works, as does lemon juice and citric acid. But commercial PH Down is a micronutrient (Phosphoric Acid) and those others aren’t.

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I do have both. I use the PH meter when watering but have not yet used the TDS. I have Fox Farm Tiger Bloom ready to use for flowering but my understanding is where i live, that wont happen until late august or September. Also, I stopped feeding with Grow Big because my understanding is that FFOF has enough nitrogen for a month and I just replanted with about 1/2 of it in the 20 gallons.

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Plants look good! Just pluck those leaves off, will help with ventilation and encourage growth up top.

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Remove those leaves. They will never get better and this will allow you to spot new problem leaves quicker. Since it started just before you fed them and it doesn’t appear to be progressing, I’d say you’re good.

Nice looking plant.

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Closer look at the leaves. I’m going to remove them today and see if any more show up.