Help! yellow coloring of leaves 27 days into flower

Here are two updated photos. Top of plant and a pic of the whole thing. Notice how all the rest of the lady looks very healthy:

As latewood mentioned, with CFLs, light burn is almost impossible. However, heat burn is entirely possible if you get the CFL lights too close.

With limited information, I’d have to agree that is is most likely the heat and/or the pH.

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just a few more reference links


I’m finding that nutrient issues is my biggest bane. Actually, diagnosis of them. I’ve read the guides and the grow bible, checked out the different charts, watched the help given here on the forum…

That second link will be added to my reference bookmarks in my attempt to get better with diagnosis.

Thank you…

Trick isn’t recognizing that there is an issue it’s determining the cause some deficiency’s are caused by other ones mobile and immobile the symptom is sometimes another def caused by the first lmao once you get a good routine down and recipe you will rarely have any def except for the odd plant or strain. Knowledge is your defence if you always know run off ph/ppms and know what you give them when something changes the cause is easier to spot good or bad a new product a temp drop or rise ph rise or fall high or low ppms etc.

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Correct. I used to grow by the seat of my pants. I was able to grow really good smoke, but I knew I could do better because I saw the difference between my grows and my dad’s.

That was what eventually lead me to this forum and I haven’t looked back!

I know that time will get me there…

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