Help! yellow coloring of leaves 27 days into flower

pH up and flower nutes. Runoff is 5.9
It’s been 6.0 to 5.9 with no issues until now.

I did wait a little too long (maybe on day to feed/water. Usually do it every 3 or 4 days. Waited until top of the 4th day. Soil was dry.

What is causing this yellowing???

same plant

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If it was the ends id say over feeding her but maybe one of the pros can help @hillcrest21678 im new myself but i can ask a few questions like did you change anything at all from one feeding to the next

Do you have anything like a light next to the leaves that are burnt like that cfl thats in the picture is the issue getting worst or spreading or just that one spot

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Nutrient burn is correct answer it doesn’t always present with just tips and edges

potassium also looks quite similar


Right on thank you i just learned something new very helpful as always


you keep this up ill be out of a job…lol
great answer perfect my friend.



lol just because I took 5 months off doesn’t mean I got rusty on my research still read threads and watched just didn’t feel right chiming in when my gear was all in storage now I’m back at it and have free time :wink:


since you are in flower you might want to consider getting your Ph up around 6.3 to 6.8 low is okay during veg because the nutes it needs then are accessible at lower PH…but the nutes you need in flower are better accessed at higher Ph

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Ok…so I am putting pH up in my RO water, get it around 10.6 which brings me to 5.9 or 6.0 runoff.
How high should I bring my water to get 6.8 runoff? (thanks for your patience in advance)

that answer will vary depending on a variety of factors… if it were mine I would have a bit of patience and not try to get it all the way up at once unless you are doing a complete flush.

That makes sense. I’ll slowly work up.

Thank you everyone for helping out!

As soon as I read the responses I gave her pH up only water. 1-1/2 gallons (using 3 gallon pot). The runoff was starting to clear up at the end. I’ll keep following directions listed above and hope it doesn’t get too much worse before it gets better.

@Jpositive, it looks like a lite is to close ,second pict down lite is very close and iam seeing down turned leaves next to the bulb . even cfl’s can do this . ph doesn’t normally cause this look .
Hammer .


Check your leaves down below at the bottom of your plants. If they are healthy and green you could be using too much light. If your lights are on a dimmer you should maybe turn it down just a small percentage. Plants can’t absorb over 100% of what they can absorb. If they are receiving 80% of the light that they need they will try harder to be healthy and accept food better and light better and water better.
I hope I was right cuz it’s an easy problem to fix.
Hope I helped, aloha

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So it turns I think it was having my CFL’s way too close during flower stage.

After I first put the original post, asking for help I went ahead and raised the lights as someone here suggested that is all but one. This is what happened within a few days to the one I didn’t raise the cfl.

Maybe I’m not following everything here but why do you want your run off so high?

…and why are you putting in such high alkaline water to get it ?

Most of us feed around 6.5 in soil and run off is usually 5.8 or in that ballpark


Im with @Paranorman here, if your feeding 10.6 and your runoff is 6 then something is really not right in that root zone! Sounds like you need a complete flush with 6.5 ph water


Damn it. Now I’m all confused. I pH’d up in ro water last night and got it to 6.2 runoff like some suggested
Now this is too high?
My first success at getting this far and I really don’t want to mess this up.
I also stopped with the ILGM nutes just in case this burning of leaves was from giving too much. Lawd have mercy somebody save me!

@Jpositive Yes I could tell that by reading but we can get you back on track you need to fill out a support ticket so we can better help you

…you might want to stop doing things until we find out what you are doing and then maybe we can come up with a plan if you wish

  • best wishes