HELP - WWA Droopy Leaves


I will give that a shot - Thank you all!


Your to funny my friend lmao


I try to keep things on the light side. After all it’s just a weed. Right??


That’s right …


I water every other day at 1/4 nutes to significant runoff because I am in a coco based soilless medium. I put about a 1-1.5 gallons through 5 gallon pots; and 2.5-3 gallons through my 10 gallons pots. If I don’t water by day 4 they will wilt fi the roots are fully established. I watered today after three days and my 5 gallon pots were extremely dry for my liking. There is something about coco and how it doesn’t hold water.


It appears as though I might be in the same boat with this mix.


Could be heat stress too need a cheap temp gage in there


Heat never goes above 78 in this tent.


Love this site. Loads of sound advice after my guesswork :joy::joy::joy:


20% humidity is waaaaaay too low. At the very minimum, try to keep it at 40%, though up to 70% is probably better, at least til late bloom.

Without the proper humidity (and temps) in the environment, your plant can’t eat, drink, or breathe properly.


Humidity is an ongoing problem for me for sure right now - Winter has set in, so the air is extremely dry. I have two humidifiers running 24hrs/day, but my A/C & 1,000w Cool Tube both vent directly outside which sends all of my humidity out as well. The humidity jumps to 99% during dark phases, but rarely ever gets above 30% during light. This will become much more manageable when Spring arrives. I hadn’t thought about the humidity effecting nutrient intake thus far though, so this is still very helpful information - I can at least be mindful of this now, and ensure that the humidifiers never run empty. Thanks!

By the way, all if the girls look fabulous again this morning, so you all were spot on with me simply starving them.


happy to know everything is in order! N GreenThumbBetty is pretty good at the pot growing thing. Heed her advice on humidity thing


Blackthumbbetty has made a ridiculous number of mistakes & I want nothing more than for others learn from them. I sure as hell don’t.


Your an expert I my book!:star_struck:


My biggest battle has definitely been heat vs. humidity throughout this experience - I was fighting heat with my last grow, and now that I have that in check my humidity is off. The struggle is real folks. :tired_face:


Yea. Diff seasons offer different problems. Just keep fighting the good fight




I added this to your post so that you could get a better look up close … What do you think … ?

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I don’t think those are hermits, I think they are just newer female flowers, but I haven’t had hermeies before. I’ve only seen pics. Experts will show up, but I think you are in the clear.


Yup false alarm. Looks like swollen calyx. Not balls :+1:t5:


Swollen lady parts. Your all good.