HELP Worse time to run into issues! No smell/ Leave diagnosis

Hey guys! Help!! Lol this is my second run ever.

I’m on day 28 of flower with ILGM WW FEM. I was in veg for roughy 6 weeks (I ran into a couple of nute issue in week three which lead to a prolonged veg). Everything has been rolling pretty smooth.I woke up this morning started to see burning in the inside of the leaves. The burns spot are showing up in the upper leaves. Starts in the middle in veins. The only think I have noticed prior is that some of the upper leaves might be a lighter green. (not sure if that was normal because new growth is generally lighter) I feel like the plants do not smell at all?? I’m wondering if the burn has something to do with that. I’m at a critical stage, I’m worried I won’t be able to get the harvest right in the short amount of time. Let me hear any theories on the lack of smell and leaf burn!! (Last/first run lacked smell as well)

-I did a pretty decent defoliation about 4 days ago.
-I also have taken the Cal Mag down from 5mg per gal to 2mg over the past two weeks.

(The only reason I had it at 5 mg per gal is I noticed deficiencies (spotting on the leaves, not the burn I see now) pretty consistently when dipping under 5mg in my first run)

Strain: ILGM White Widow

Soil types: 70/30 FF COCO LOCO

Size of pots: 5 gallon air pots

Size of space: 60”x30”x80”

Temperature: 75-77 Day 68-70 Night

Humidity %: 50-60 Day vs. 45-55 Night

Lights: 3 MARS HYDRO TS3000

Ventilation system: AC infinity 6 inch w/ Vivosun carbon filter@50% power W/ 4 Vivosun Oscillating fans (running 24:7)

Day 28 Flower

Scheduling: 8 gallons every 3 days W/ 3 gallons run off (might be an over kill but I don’t flush between watering with the thought process that the excess water washes out unused nutes and salt build up- this is a self formed theory could be total rubbish)



2 TBS Cha Ching
2 TBS Flora Nova bloom
10 ML Cal Mag
120 ML Terpinator

PH: 5.79
PPM: 1400

3 gal total run off collected

2700 PPM
5.86 PH

Damage has been done, but I would up the cal-mag. After reducing it, looks like it needs more. Watch for more leaves showing deficiencies after that, adjustment. Likely be uphill battle to catch back up, otherwise looking good.

Wow that’s a stunning grow. Well done.

@CMichGrower Ahh that was a clerical error! I’m using 2 TSP per 4 gallons. They advise between 1/4-1/2 TSP per gal. I still could be overdoing it!

@Covertgrower ah hello friend!! Thanks for the sound input. I will up the cal mag but with less then 4 weeks til harvest I agree it will probably not catch up before the flush. Do you think this deficiency will affect yield/smell?!

My biggest concern is smell!!

Thanks man! I’m just trying to learn!

I’m right where you are (end of 4 th week) not much of a smell either . They do that . My 4 th grow with WW. It’ll show up eventually. :v:

The spots def look to be calcium deficiency . all my widows are calcium hogs.

I don’t think that it will. Everything else looks good, I would expect more leaves to show deficiencies, as you’re trying to play catch up, but they’ll turn out.

Sorry for bailing on my comment, but my wife was waiting on me and I didn’t have time to amend it so I deleted it planing on getting back to it later.

The feeding schedule suggested 1/4 tsp per gallon when used with other products and I realized you were using it more as a stand alone product. I though I should go check to see what that dosage was and I deleted the comment when I saw the label on the container.

By the way, when I first started fox farms the feeding schedule was 1/4-1/2 tsp/gallon when used with other products.

I’m glad to see you are using teaspoons instead of tablespoons. 2 teaspoons per 4 gallons shouldn’t be a problem.

I have a couple of suggestions:

The FF feed charts I’ve seen are giving the TDS in Imperial measure (KCI 700 scale vs NACL 500 scale in the USA) which means the numbers adjusted would be somewhere closer to 1,100 ppm. Part of your problem may be a nute excess (which can look like a deficiency FYI).

I would suggest adopting this method for running in coco: always water to between 10 and 20% runoff. Capture the last 1/4 cup and measure PH and TDS like you are doing. If that runoff value exceeds your input TDS go to water-only until runoff TDS drops below your feeding or input number. Then resume feeding per your schedule.

I would also suggest you should be applying liquid daily if you are not already. Coco needs to maintain a damp state otherwise it becomes hydrophilic when dried out.

If you do this you can also break out the cal mag from regular feeding and provide PH’d tap water with cal mag on water-only days. You can also adjust salt levels by doing a feed/water/feed/water cycle. Finally: FF recommends flushing at periodic intervals.

The feeding schedules almost completely omit N in the nutes. I think this is a mistake and a small percentage of the feeding, IMO, should contain some N to keep a green canopy. Plants don’t need much but they need some nitrogen.

All in all though you’ve knocked them out of the park. Very nice so far and not meaning to be critical rather trying to critique or tweak your setup.

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