Help with yellowing, dry leaves!

Hey guys!

Some of you might be following my grow journal, but long story long, here’s the problem:

Over the past few days, the leaves of two of the four plants have started getting yellow patches and the ends of some of the leaves are getting a tad crispy.

Root production is still very good, they’re filling out their buckets nicely. They just got a water change and new nutrients. Even the healthiest of leaves on the plants were feeling pretty dry, so I added a humidifier to the room. Running on high. Spout is about 8” away from the plants with a fan blowing the cool mist just over the canopy.

Room temp: 75 (day), 69 (night)
Reservoir temp: 68F
pH: 6.0
Humidity: was averaging around 48%, now around 65-70%
TDS: 780ppm
Humboldts Secret nutrient lineup

Still running the same lights (2000w full spectrum LED and 48” 6xT5HO). I highered the LED to about 20” away from the plants to compensate for their extra height. Only feels ever so slightly warm on the back of my hand at canopy height. No perceptible risk of feeling uncomfortable due to heat.

Please help with any more ideas you might have with setup modifications or remedy procedures.

Thanks so much again guys!


Ps. Here’s a quick pic of the grow system as of yesterday:

Check PH and lower. Also…could too many nutes…OR…both.

I’ll probably lower the pH to around 5.6 over the coming days. Hope that’ll help. The too many nutes problem is something that’s always of concern to me. I’ve read recommendations of everything between 500 and 1500ppm. Thats how I settled right in the middle. Definitely will do more digging.

I look forward to your help!


@Sirmark…back off the nutes and set the PH at 5.8.

******Mfg’s of nutes are in business to sell. They have no idea what strain you are growing…OR … it needs.
Especially new babies…start at 20% of feeding schedules they give you. Adjust as the Babies show you. Your Babies are overdosed on nutes…and PH is best at 5.8 to allow access of all goodies in the nutes.
I seldom do more than 40% of what schedules say. I read the health of the Babies. You should as well…OR…burn the snot out of your Babies…like I did for about 4 attempts at growing.
Right now…my schedule says 10ml of Micro per gallon. I am doing 6mil for a 5 gallon bucket aerated like yours. And, that it is a very good level. If I did 50 ml…My babies would be toast.
Start low…go slow. Always can add more. One overdose and it’s all crispy burnt ashes.

Just noticed your buckets are NOT AERATED…run an air stone and your roots will explode. Just sitting doesn’t make the most of what is possible.

That makes a lot of sense. I’ll add some pH balanced water and reduce nutes by about 50%. I used the middle of the range that the mfg suggested, so this should bring the levels right back down. Seems like a simple enough fix, hopefully it helps these guys!

Also, I’m pushing 960g/h across all 6 plants. Should be plenty of bubbles for these guys with only having approx 2.5-3g in each bucket, no?

Thanks again!


@Sirmark------ok, so you are aerating? I didn’t see any air lines to the pots. Yes, the air flow is substantial.
Forget nutes for a few days…just PH’s water. Then start way low…and move up if needed. If you let it go for a few days the PH will zoom up and that’s what it looks like happened. as well as the excessive nutes issue.

Aaaaaalright. Over the past few days, I’ve halved the amount of nutes in the water with ph’d distilled water with only cal mag and hydroguard added. Ph was also lowered to 5.3. Fingers crossed for a miraculous recovery!

Also, I feel like my air stone production has like halved since I put them in. Any idea why this would happen? I may have to add additional stones if they just do this sometimes.


Air pump has to be large enough to supply all the buckets, and that means overcoming the pressure of the water over the air stone. The 6" long green airstones at almost any place that sells fish supplies. Usually reduced air flow is because I moved a bucket on top of an air line.