Help with yellow spots

Hey everyone, first time grower, I could really use some help please. Can anyone tell me whats this is and how to fix it, thank you

Have you checked under leaves to see if there are any pests… do you see any webbing or anything like that spider mites bite into leaves microscopically and suck the chlorophyll out of the bite section causing tiny yellow spots just like those, although does not look severe it will be if that is what that is and it goes untreated

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Thanks, I dont see any webs, on anything on top or under side of leaves. I am still going to treat for them cant hurt right?

Won’t hurt a thing but pests if treated! And pics in natural light really helps with diagnosis just a heads up

Thanks, yeah I thought about that after posting lol
Here’s a few in better light

Looks pretty clean to me but I can’t see them without magnifying unless it’s a really bad infestation is that the only effected leaf?

No but it is only on the older leaves. And on both plants

Here is another picture, probably should have included this earlier