Help with yellow spots please

I have this yellowing happening at the moment and don’t know what’s happening
They are in a 4x4x8 tent with proper lights I’ve grown with this set up for awhile and have had no issues

Check the underside of those leaves carefully with a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe. Looking like my leaves when I had a spider mite infestation.


Will do I noticed that if the leaves touch another one it seems to affect the one it touches

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Definitely appears to be a infestation. Check closely, leaves and soil.

If it is mites, pick up some of this:

And some 3% peroxide. Spray down entire plant with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water. Allow to dry thoroughly overnight. Spray Captain Jack’s (spinosad) and wait five days then repeat with both. That should do it but look for the source of the mites.


Awesome will pick some up today
Thank you very very much