Help with yellow/brown leaves

First grow attempt. These have been outside for about a week, I’m not adding any types of fertilizer or nutrients. Have used distilled water pretty much from seedlings. I brought them inside because we have strong rain/Tornado maybe happening.

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In a couple pictures, the tips look burnt like nutrient burn. Then the bottom picture looks like leaves sat in wet soil. Also, you need bigger pots

Pale green. Eating itself from the bottom up. My guess is she’s hangry :hamburger:

@Watt-Sun, What would you suggest? Organic if possible. Thank you.

I’m not an organic grower so I can’t help you there . I grow in coco and use AN PH perfect line. I would wait for a few others to chime in maybe they can recommend an organic line for you. I would transplant also like @HornHead said. Get some fabric pots . You will love them.

Can you help point okie56 in the direction of a organic line/grower?

Have you been testing the ph of your water?

Nectar of the gods

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@Watt-Sun, I’ve only used distilled water. I’m not sure about my water here at the house is as pertaining to PH. With a litmus check it reads 7. I’m not convinced though. I’ll have an exact idea what’s in the water when I get the test results back in about a week.

What medium are you growing in? Knowing your Ph is extremely important

@Watt-Sun With the rapitest by luster leaf reads 7 on the PH

@okie56 welcome and hello fello okie, I agree appears ph is off causing the yellowing

@Watt-Sun @Okie70 Hello to a fellow Okie. I 'm using a good soil mix I guess, it’s PH reads 7 on the tester. My water reads that PH is 7 with the paper litmus test. I got a cheep PH meter for the water from ebay today, I’m adjusting it now. Sent my tap water in for a test to be a bit more sure. Apparently I’m going to have to get a 55 gallon drum of water and let the chlorine vent out, maybe a pump to bubble the water? I saw that on a video recently?

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Hello to 2 fellow okies.I may be sending questions your way, do you grow inside or out

@Amazon66 I’m growing outdoors. How bout you?

We are indoors @okie56 @Amazon66
I have gotten a barrel also, yet have not put it to use yet, still doing 5 gal. Bucket brigade - ugg

@Okie70 Maybe we can still bounce things off each other.

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Well of course we can

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Growing indoors as I have more control of our Ok weather but my husband wants to try outside. What plants have you found to do good outside

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I’m using 5 gal buckets what do you do with a barrel