Help with WW seedlings

These are white widow. They are 3 weeks old. This is the second time this has happened to me and I’m not sure what is causing it. Can you give me any advice.

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I cant tell you what it is but Ive had the odd leaf like that on my chronic widow strain. All the way from the time they were 3 weeks old to 2 months old. Only the odd leaf here and there. I checked for bugs. Couldnt find anything wrong with the plant. The overall plant health was good.

Sometimes I get a really deformed leaf as well on 2 of the 4 plants. They had a bit of stress through veg so could be that.

It certainly looks like something has been munching on your plant.

The bugs are most often very small and only visible under magnification. They will tend to hide on the bottom of the leaves and especially in the nook along the center vein.

The “regular pattern” also suggests possible damage from being hit or rubbing against something.
Still most likely something munching.

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First welcome to the forum. I dont think that’s a deformity that looks like soemthing is eating that leaf. Imo hit them buggers with a pesticide get them out before they’re in like Flynn!

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Yeah, sure looks like something’s munching it. Try this juice. It’s cheap and you can make a lot of it. Flip the branch to expose the underside and spray under the leaves. Hit it again in 3-4 days

use the search function on top right with the magnifying glass icon, and search for ‘Safe, effective, organic pesticide’. I was trying to copy the link for you but somehow it won’t copy for me.

I have some critter take pieces like that every grow. Unless they get greedy I wouldn’t worry about that as when I remove 1 leaf it equals what they might take in a week or 2 so I will keep an eye out but not worry if that’s all they do.
Don’t know what critter it is but I’m OK with paying that tax in leaf bits.

The leaf with the pattern splits is odd looking though I’m used to seeing random chunks gone from the insect or from me

I dont think its bugs because I seen it when the leave was first coming out and the little cracks in it. I’m new to growing so this is all new to me. The plants are very healthy to me. It happened to my other plants at the same time. As you can see they are pretty healthy at 3 weeks old. It’s the three biggest ones. 2 of them was needing water lol I’m learning ha ha I have a few other questions if you dont mi d helping me

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A few are ready for transplant. How much airflow do they see? What are you high and low humidity and temperatures? Some of it looks like physical damage to me. What type of water are you using, and are you adjusting pH. Also, while I’m at it and before I forget, welcome to ILGM! :slight_smile:

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I have plenty of air flow. I have cool air coming in and one blower sucking out with 2 fans blowing on plants. Humidity is about 50, temperature stay about 74 to 75 f. I’m using fox form Ocean forest and I ph it at 6.8 with RO water. This is only my second time so I have lots to learn lol I’m feeding them 2ml of cal-mag, 2ml of grow, 2ml of micro, 1 ml of bloom, 1 ml of rapidstart root.

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Directly on the plants? That may be the problem. That damage looks like it’s from the leaf rubbing back and forth on something, or another leaf even. Maybe not, but fans right on the plants will cause them to close their stomata and behave oddly. You might want to shoot for closer to 6.5 also. Up at 6.8 you’re getting close to locking things out. Do you test your runoff?

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I do test the run off. It test at 6.2 I have done a lot of reading and watch a lot of YouTube videos but it’s still puzzling lol i think i had a lock out on my other batch. The ppm was 480 and the run off was right at 900 so I ran 4 gallons of water through them until the ppm was about 150 and they responded really well after that. They are 2 weeks into flowering and they look wonderful. Did I do right?

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It sounds like you did just what they were wanting. May have been a pH issue all along. But I’d point your fans sort of away from the plants, so they get some good airflow, but not blowing directly on them.

Old seeds maybe? I almost had the same issue.

Pics show a lack of some proper nutes. The leaf damage is a lack of something the leaves need to grow undamaged. Bug damage is more obvious.
I would suggest the 4 smaller ones need bigger containers.

Yes that’s what I was thinking to because my grow tents are free of bugs and are very clean and I can tell that something was wrong with the leaves as they was coming out so it’s not from bugs. It done the samething to my Bruce banger batch I have going too. It done it at the same age as well so its something im doing wrong, just wish I knew what. I have already repotted the other plants. Thanks for the info.

If you have access to prefertilized grow media…like Fox Farm, mix it in at about 25% with 75% nonfertilized grow media.

If plants are auto’s 3 gallon container is fine. If not, then a 5 gallon is best.