Help with white widows


A question from a fellow grower:

I need your help! I started growing these white widows I ordered from you about 3 weeks ago. Things have been going good, I germinated them just as you instructed and immediately planted them in miracle grow pitting soil. I have had light on them for 24hrs a day since the first sprouted veg leaves. Up until a few days ago they were doing great however, the last 3 days I noticed the bottom leaves started with a few yellow spots that as you can see have turned to brown and will soon be falling off as they appear to be dead. Now my top leaf has small black spots and the leaf is starting to harden and curl under. I have 2 plants going right now and it’s happening to them both. The tips of the second plant have the same problem. I haven’t been adding any nutrients yet as I figured the miracle grow soil would be plenty. The only thing added was some root hormone to the tap roots when they cracked their shells. Can you help me out and let me know if I can save these girls somehow. Here are a few pics of them. I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing back from you. Take care!


Mirical Grow soil is generally not great if it has nutrients in it.
What is the PH of the water you’re using?
They need to be transplanted, those trays aren’t really meant for 3-week old plants.

Start with PH, very important. If it’s wrong, it can cause all kinds of problems. I would suggest transplanting to good soil (no nutrients in the soil, plain soil) and make sure your water PH is 6.5. If using tap water, let it sit open for a day before using to allow chlorine to dissipate.


I agree with Matt. What you are seeing is nutrient burn from MG. It’s way too hot for seedlings.

If you can, get some Happy Frog and repot them in at least one gallon sized pots.


Yep like @Matthew420 said some people use and have no issues with Miracle Grow but most avoid it like the clap . I am new to growing and only been a student for about 6 months myself but it seems that 85% of problems people seem to have ( besides pests ) are at least partially due to improper PH levels . Good luck


Your mg potting soil is way to strong for your seedlings they are getting burnt up, you should perhaps look into a specially formulated soil for seedlings or even an organic soil that has no nutrients in it


Your potting soil is way too hot as everyone else has indicated there are some masters of soil to help make soil and there are many soil’s that you can buy ready to go


Stay away from MG products as they are Not geared for Cannabis, use Fox Farm, Happy Frog, or some type of pure organic soil.