Help with what to spray or do for pests during flower!

I just went on my phone and said green cleaner for mites. And it popped up. I don’t know why you’re having a problem it’s called Green cleaner for mites!!! That’s all I said to Google it brought it right up

This is what it is. This is the Green cleaner this is what you get when you use Green cleaner.

Now I can’t get no clear than this!!!

Thanks man i just like to be sure its kinda expensive on amazon but ill give it a shot

Yo dude I’m an outdoor grower in Kansas and I’ve used the sevin once about 3 weeks ago…on my entire garden not just one or 2 plants. It stopped the slugs from getting anymore of my strawberries, it’s stopped the beetles that been munchin my potatoes, I’ll even go as far to say that it deterred a swarm of ants off of one of my new seedlings and now it’s striving. Can post pics of damage and to date I haven’t seen anything, bad bug speaking, in any sense of the word alive around any of my plants. I should note that after spraying garden with sevin…ladybugs appeared the next morning. And again…it’s cheap and available everywhere and will target anything common growers encounter

Marijuana is not a common grow.

I know, have you noticed anything that’s cheap doesn’t work or is half ass. I stand behind Green cleaner. You want some good product or you won’t trash. It’s up to the individual grower whatever gets you off

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I should prolly clarify in what I meant by common grower was like “the every day person”…me and you…people with personal gardens. And yea I agree with personal preference…there’s a lot out there to choose from and try.

This is her today she looks good still a couple bite marks here and there but whats wrong with these leaf tips they looked burnt or something

Looks like a little nute,burn. No worries. Next time use, quarter strength what you’re doing now. Growing marijuana is hit and miss. You got to play with them all the time :sunglasses::v:

But im using dry amendments and only top dressed her once like 3 weeks ago

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I only use dry amendments for my indoor grows (Happy Frog). I feed my plants at half strength. In fact, no matter what I use (feed, fertilizer or insecticide), I cut the strength in half.

Oh alright i just watch this guy stealth grows on youtube and his plants come out fantastic and i just used it like he does 2tbs per gallon dr earth good thing its only a couple tips

@I_OGrow27 what’s your ph going in , are you using calmag every watering ?