Help with what to spray or do for pests during flower!

Ive had a little pest issue idk what kind but definitely pests had holes in leaves and heat and humidity problems its a long story but to make it short i have a photo about to start week 3 flower monday im most worried about keeping this one healthy the best because the other two im growing are autos one starting week 5 from seed tomorrow pistols are starting to show and one is week 3 from seed no signs of anything yet flower wise ive sprayed neem oil twice in the past two weeks and some DE on my photo the autos got DE today but im hesitant on the neem ive heard it can make your buds taste like crap if you spray during flower but ive also seen that if buds arent forming yet then your in the clear to avoid that problem my photo isnt showing pistols yet only one is the wk 5 auto so not sure i also picked up organic dr earth final stop garden and insect killer its rosemary oil peppermint oil garlic oil and some other stuff I forgot but not sure its my first grow no buds forming on any yet and I just want the best tasting and smoking nugs in the end!!

@Cannabian @yoshi I believe are both outdoor growers and might be able to help

Pictures from weeks ago on my photo around when the problem started ive lowered my temps and defoliated alot of those leaves with holes kept up with DE see less holes but not the autos are getting hit and I want to know what to spray or save my crop at this stage

Im growing indoors


Believe it ate not milk will help big time , 1/4 of cup to a gallon and foliar spray them with that and don’t let the milk dry on leaves to much , but will deter most bugs !


Thats good for plants already showing pistols? And how do I get them to not dry on the leaves when I spray @yoshi

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@I_OGrow27 the sameqay Sir but instead of milk, used plain ph water as the milk mix ph was , keep ph consistent cause you foliar feeding the stomata under the leaves :leaves:, which during lights on , that’s like maunlining a rigged on a 1/1 half coke , half heroin right . Foliar feeding and spraying is instant almost , much faster than the roots will transfer it , so don’t over do it , plus read the benefits of milk? Dry milk or liquid , skin milk, 2% , I even used expired milk most times , the plants love the most sour funkiest smelling crap you can find , Fish Shit will make you plants look like you dump a 25 lb bag of sugar on them glazed with molasses , plants love water from fish :fish: aquariums , ponds , coi ponds , love it , huge big buds ! I used Microbe Life once at the crib , dude it stuck for 2 days , itscsome very funky stuff but most of the stickies plant food is the best cannabis food for buds !


Get you some green cleaner online. That’s the best thing for bugs, Mites. Any Mite. Mom we’re doing the same thing. Some of its genetic. I take clones off mother’s, one plant does well the other plant wrinkles leaves deform, but to find out if you really have mite problems. You need that microscope. You need at least 60 plus to see those little mites.


Good to know! I have a turtle you think her water would be good and beneficial to use for watering? Also you have experience growing outdoors right? When is the latest I can start a seed and start growing outdoors? Or do you always have to start it inside and then transplant outside

Is that good for plants that are flowering I only have one showing pistols

There are a lot of pesticides available and obviously the first step is identifying the culprits.
The real goal is not killing pests, its determining how they are getting into your grow. Stop that and all will be golden.
Outdoors I wouldnt do anything with a few chew marks and such… plants in nature get eaten at tad here and there.

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You spray underneath the leaves you need a sprayer also for Green cleaner. Home Depot Lowe’s they have them 10 bucks. I spray my flowering buds. I’m smoking now no problem.

Im growing indoors and dont have a microscope I guess ill have to go buy one

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Pretty much. Can’t see them with the naked eye

@Cannabian these are some updated pics from today after a couple attempts with neem oil and organic dr earth spray and DE added to soil

First is photo


Auto wk 5 from seed

Auto wk 3 from seed

What do you think I should do these 2 autos look crazy small for there age should I kill them and only focus on the photo since the autos getting bit tf up or whats your opinions?

@yoshi @Underthestairs @Oldschool61

Yeah that crop screwed. :pensive:. Oh you can bring them back. But it takes a while. They’ll never be the same my crop wasn’t. The buds came out airy, buds didn’t produce big
I know the feeling even though it ain’t worth crap man. Get you some of that green cleaner dude. You can go online from Walmart ,Walmart to get it. Or, you go to direct Amazon.

Just keep working with them man. They’ll come back. But I did pull a few of mine because they were too far gone

Like I tell people I spray every week now no matter what!!! Because you can bring it in with your soil bring it in with another plant… so it’s like anything else you grow you got to keep on them. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::v:

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If those runts are autos, I personally would pull them. It’ll probably end up being a lot of work for very little yield. But I’ve seen many posts of autos doing crazy things and producing hard. I guess they’re kinda the wild cards