Help with ventilation

Take it sensor and huff some air on the metal part like ur fogging up glasses to clean them. See if the display jumps up both temp and rh. It should by quite a bit. Then let it regulate again to room standards and see what it brings them.

Do you have pet or odor concerns? If not there’s no reason to keep that hot tent zipped up. You can open it at lights on and let it breathe


Have you tried switching your light schedule to where its off at day time hours and on more so at night?

It’s already lights on at night and and off during day

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I think I might have to do that

Viparspectra par600 it emits a fair bit of heat from the heat sinks I’m thinking of eventually getting something more updated

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Yep at lights on leave the tent open to get all the breeze thru as possible. If smell is not a concern and u have filter hooked up lose the filter til u really notice u need it. If u wanna keep growing some good smoke I would suggest a new light and to make sure that the exhaust fan u have is a fairly good one other than that u seem to have it all okay. Most important is the light gotta make sure u have a descent pH meter and a ppm meter. Genetics is always a plus for good grows but lights are the key ingredient that is needed for sure. Keep the blurples as I am noticing a major tricomes advantage running the blue and red looking lights.


Thanks for the good Info I appreciate it and wil take it on board

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Do you have any recommendations for a reasonably priced but decent grow light?

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How big a space r u working with and what’s a budget point if u have one. I’ll just say that lights will be the most expensive part of a grow u wanna shoot for 30 to 50w psf so a 4x4 tent I’d say shoot for anything u can get 50p true watts or more. More is better for u as u could keep the power turned down to save on wear and tear a bit. Size space and budget will help alot but we can def get u a solid grow light.

3x3 tent I’m looking for something reliable but not overly expensive. So nothing thats ridiculously priced

This would be a solid light for your grow space IMO

I don’t run a filter until my wife complains about the smell getting into the house from the garage. Outside smells idgaf

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So if u want to go a little cheaper and have good light I’d say check on the king Brite lights on Alibaba. They come 250w nice chips ir/uv can prolly get u 2 for the tent to make a way. Etter coverage and pound out that tent. @CoyoteCody @Graysin @Nicky all use them. Well Cody has enfun which is basically the same setup just a different name on the boards. If u get the enfun boards make sure they have the meanwell drivers not an off brand one but 2 lights would give u did solid runs. @Hellraiser runs 2x 320 hlgs in his 3x3 far red and uva more watts u add in the tent the less u’ll have to dial them up and can save on some wear and tear on them also.


Yup. Stand by my KingBrites 100%. My HLGs do a great job but so far the plants under the KingBrite have been more impressive. That’s all been my own fault though - grew a reg female under the KB, and a fem photo under the HLG. Both have had autoflowers under em and neither autoflower blew me away but the one under the KB got better taste reviews. Then again, my fem photos got way more trichome coverage under the HLG.

I know none of this is helpful but I will say the KingBrite is the best of the budget lights. Ask me how I know. :rofl:


I wish had I likes for @Graysin on the other topic he talked about KB.
I also won’t be buying anything else for the foreseeable future, KB is blowing it out of the park in terms of value and efficiency as well as modern tech

Seriously I just had to do some math - I can’t believe the KB netted me 3/4lb. I know the HLG had some spillover but not so much it would be making that kind of difference on the whole plant. I’ve got a second lady under the KB again- gonna see if I can repeat that yield with the same light. :v: :fire:

Major thanks to you for suggesting them.

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as always your welcome, any questions just tag me. Your giving a ton back to the community it’s nice to see. Im around but just not as dedicated as I used to be, life has my plate full with other things.
I’m. Going to be growing strickly for rosin after this grow though