Help with ventilation

Hey guys I’m having issues with my temp at the moment I have a smart controller with the sensor in my tent and it’s saying that it’s 89F inside the tent. This is unusual because usually it runs cooler I’m running 4inch active intake and a 6inch exhaust.ill post a photo below. The unusual thing is I’m pulling air from a different room that is almost 10c cooler then the tent. I have a humidifier running 24/7 to keep the humidity down aswell

Where is the dehumidifier located?

It’s located on the opposite side of the tent near the passive intake port on the other side

Running it 24/7 makes for a good heat source


Have you double checked the tent with a good thermometer?

Yeah the unit is actually quite hot I have turned it off but the temp is still high

Can you move the dehumidifier to the other room where your active intake is drawing from?

O have a infrared thermometer that is saying it’s 80F

Unfortunately I don’t think I can

Is it an ac infinity controller? Where is the probe positioned in the tent?

It’s a Mars hydro controller and the probe is sitting in the canopy of the plant

Sounds good. I would add a couple hygrometers in there and see if they agree with the controller. If those probes get even a little wet their readings are way off.


There is a second temp/hygro in there and it’s saying 80F I think the probe may be playing up. Mahnr when the plant is transpiring the probe got wet idk lol

Idk if they sell spare temp probes for the Mars hydro but this one should come good shouldn’t it?

Typically needs calibration. Not sure how to do that with mars hydro controllers.

In the canopy? Should be just above. I get all kinds of false humidity and temperature readings on my ac infinity if my probe isn’t in the correct location. Shouldn’t be touching anything but air like this

Thanks for the tip I’ll fix it up

I tried this and hasn’t changed the temp coming from the sensor lol

What kinda light is inside that bad baby.

From pic seems led lights. Is the driver mounted on the light and if so can it be taken off light and mounted outside the tent. U’ll have to extend the wire from the lights panels to the driver but taking driver out of the tent will reduce the heat by prolly 5° or so