Help with trimming schedule

I’ve got a few different plants growing. I don’t really have a good feel for trimming frequency. Nothing that I’ve done has seemed to cause the plant much stress. One of them was unexpectedly an auto flower. Today is day 21 of flower. I’ve got it shaped pretty nicely, with an even canopy. Not knowing it was an auto, I trimmed it on what I’m estimating was day 3 of flower. Should I trim the fan leaves, it just leave it how it is?

I have two other plants that are photos that are on day 63 since breaking ground. I am planning to flip to flower soon. I did a major trim on the bushy plant on day 45, and I’ve been removing large fan leaves a few times a week since then. Should I do another major trim before flipping to flower? And what are recommend trimmings after flipping?

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Theres not much left on her for you to trim any more and you’ve totally cut off her sources of photosynthesis and you can do a solid under trim 5-7 days before you flip then another after your stretch finishes

Early in flower I always clean my lowers out. Maybe the closest 2-4 inches from the stem. Any of those suckers wont amount to much more then larf.

I also pluck big fan leaves that block budsites and wont tuck out of the way.

In veg, I clear out old huge fans blocking new growth. And anything thats messing with the airflow. But I prefer cropping (bending) to pinching (clipping)

There are a million ways to scramble an egg. A few people around here at day 21 pull any leaf that shows a stem. Im a bit too squeamish for that but it works just fine. Others dont touch a leaf and get nice buds.