Help with Trichomes and When to Harvest

  • Purple Chem (clone), GG4 (seed), Crunchberries (clone), Strawberry Cough (clone)

  • Roots Organics Original Soil with Roots Organics Bloom

  • Air-pots/Oxypots

  • I don’t know the ph but I’ve never seen it way off and my understanding is that organic soil will buffer ph itself

  • I don’t know PPM

  • Indoor

  • 320W Quantum Board Light

  • Day temps: 70, Night temps: 63

  • 45% humidity

  • 4" exhaust fan

  • No humidifier or dehumidifier

  • No CO2

Just trying to figure out if it’s time to harvest or how close I am. I have 4 strains and it looks like one might be ready. I know they won’t all be the same amount of readiness on the same day but I want to harvest all at once for simplicity’s sake. Thanks.

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First off you have to check the trics on the buds not the leaves.
Leaves will amber ahead of the actual flower.
And welcome to ILGM. :+1::v:
Maybe an overall pic of the plants in question too would help a lot.


Here’s a cheat sheet :


The cheat sheet is a great guide. It looks like you’ve shown us the sugar leaves rather than the flowers.

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@thatguy first off welcome!

Second, thank you for starting off with ample info and excellent pictures!

I think others are correct that you want to be certain to scout all over the plant. The most important parts are the flowers, since that’s the part you’re interested in ingesting. The GG4 photo is almost certainly a leaf and not a pistil. The crunchberries show amber, but where on the plant is that?

You’re nearing harvest, but probably need a few more weeks/days depending on the plants. Post some clarifying pictures and we’ll see.

Excellent work so far.

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How do you see the trics on the buds… I see some amazing pics on here… I have an amaz0n Carson 0 - 120x led microscope and for the life of me I cant seem to stand there and focus in to get a good idea of what they look like. so went and got a 3x clip on one for my iphone and sure can see a lot from those pics either… at my age my eyesite was gone way long time ago but still… lol

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Thank you for your response. Tonight I’ll post some overall pics and trichome pics for the two I took from sugar leaves. The purple chem and strawberry cough pics are of buds (not leaves).

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My method is with a USB Microscope because I’m new and want to be able to take pics and upload them. I have this:

however it requires that you pull pieces of the plant off in order to use it. Nice thing is that once you get it into focus you can really take your time examining

Thanks @KeystoneCops. Crunchberries and GG4 are indeed sugar leaves. I’d read that you can use the sugar leaves to judge readiness. Clearly not true.

Purple chem and strawberry cough pictures are of buds themselves. I can post shots of GG4 and CB bud trichomes laster and also an overall shot. Thanks again.

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@thatguy All you need is a Jeweler Loupe at 60x magnification and I picked mine off Amazon for $10.

Now if you want to take photos a Endoscope will work for higher magnification.

But the pictures are already perfect. What about these photos is lacking?

@thatguy I was actually meaning to ask you to describe your methods, and I’m glad to see you already did.

Only thing lacking in the photos is that two of them are of sugar leaves and I didn’t post any overall pictures of the plants.