Help with transplanting

This is my first grow. I’m ready to transplant the seedling into the 5-gallon container. Any suggestions or ideas so that I don’t miss something that’s crucial during this time? Your input is much appreciated. Thank you.

Tips For Easy & Stress-Free Transplanting

  1. Water your cannabis plants 1-2 days before transplanting. This will help the growing medium stay together (since it’s moist), but still slide out easily (since it’s not soaking wet).
  2. Before you get started, fill your new pot with potting mix. Don’t fill the pot to the top, instead leave about 2 extra inches (5 cm). That way you can easily water the plant without all the water running off the sides.
  3. Water this new container of potting mix before you begin the transplant so it’s nice and moist. If you don’t water the new soil first, it can have a hard time absorbing water after the transplant, and your roots won’t like that!
  4. Since you will soon be adding a new plant, you want to dig out a hole in the middle that’s about the size of your old container.
  5. Take your plant, and carefully slide a butter knife inside the container all around the edges to help separate the rootball from the sides of the pot. Avoid grabbing the plant directly by the stem. Try to grab the whole top with a flat hand, and turn the container upside down so you can gently pat the rootball out and catch it with your flat hand. You may have to gently pull the plant out of the container, but go slowly and be gentle!
  6. Plant the rootball directly into the new container, placing it in the hole you dug out earlier. You may need to add some extra soil to ensure a nice flat topsoil.
  7. Gently pat down around the roots, to help press everything together slightly, then water your plant immediately. If you do it right, it won’t stress your plants at all!

I like to add mykos to my transplant hole. If you don’t have that you could use kelp extract or super thrive to help with transplant shock.

51 day old purple kush. It is in a one gallon Vivisun transplanter.

I set in on a pot and undid the velcro and turned the side down

I made space for it in the receiving pot

Mission accomplished

Steps 1 - 4 are exactly as described by @Brobdab
I use the butter knife to transplant from starter pot to 1 gallon.
This is my second grow using the transplanters. I’m sold. As long as you have a good root mass and the medium is damp, It is stressless. Both on the plant and me.


I start out with plastic pots and when it comes time to transplant I just turn the pot over and give it a good spank or two and the plant comes right out. No need for a butter knife. Takes seconds and does not stress the plant in any way. I would think a butter knife would damage some roots.

Cut the bottom off the seedling container and stick in hole. No issues ever

I may be misunderstanding but you need to REMOVE the root ball from the pot… If you just cut the bottom of a pot and put it into another pot, the roots will only be able to grow straight down… Massive wasted potential for roots and soil.

How big a pot are we talking as a regular size seedling has a small container and yes roots grow straight down at first. I cut the bottoms off 3 gallon plastic pots and put em in the ground. I cut the bottoms off solo cup size pots when I transplant regularly with no issues

Interested to see how the roots grow like that…

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The roots grow down a bit before branching out anyway so it’s no issue at all. Many do it.

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Brobdab, nice quotes btw, question do you use recharge, and molasses, you mentioned kelp, I use kelp as well in my grows. Recharge is for strong root growth and building healthy roots, and fast growth.

Thanks. Yes, I use kelp and molasses. I’ve never used recharge. I’ll check it out.

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